Adamantium, Platinum & Garnet Farming in Upper Abyss

Adamantium Farming Location In Upper Abyss

Usually I wouldn't recommend Extracting Materials in The Upper Abyss since it is a gankfest. However, this area is out of the way and very good for Platinum, Adamantium and Garnet. On each of these islands you will find 5-6 Adamantium Deposits at any given time. You will also find 3-4 Platinum Deposits. Usually there is only 1 or 2 Garnet per island if you're lucky.

The only mobs that are on these two islands are Wriggots, they are roughly level 32 and don't pose much of a threat. If you run out of Adamantium and Platinum Deposits on these islands head just a tad west to the main island and Extract some goodies there.

Items of Interest

Adamantium OreAdamantium Ore

Greater Adamantium OreGreater Adamantium Ore

Pure Adamantium OrePure Adamantium Ore

Platinum OrePlatinum Ore

Pure Platinum OrePure Platinum Ore

Greater Platinum OreGreater Platinum Ore

Garnet OreGarnet Ore

Big Garnet OreBig Garnet Ore