Asmodian Farming Locations : Stone Fist Safiro

Stone Fist Safiro

Stone Fist Safiro is an elite elemental that can be found outside of Fire Temple. He is most commonly found at the southern end of the Field of Fire. Before engaging him you will need to clear a few mobs. Also he comes with two adds. Depending on your level you may be able to easily dispose of Safiro then run away and De-agro the adds. Then, come back and loot him.

Worse comes to worse, kill the adds then him. Safiro has a chance to drop either a blue Sword, Staff, Spear or Bow. He also has a chance of dropping plate or leather leggings that are green. So, chances are you're going to get something out of this. Below is the location of where you can find Safiro in the Field of Fire.

Location of Stonefist Safiro

Stone Fist Safiro Location

Stonefist Safiro Loot Table

Safiro's LongbowSafiro's Longbow

Safiro's SpearSafiro's Spear

Safiro's StaffSafiro's Staff

Safiro's SwordSafiro's Sword

Arkanis Leather LeggingsArkanis Leather Leggings

Arkanis Plate GreavesArkanis Plate Greaves