Ranger Sleep Arrow Stigma + Templar Holy Shield Stigma

Savvy DaruRuthless Worg

The Ranger's Sleep Arrow Stigma has a chance to drop off the Savvy Daru's that spawn at the southern end of the Morheim Snow Field. The Savvy Daru's are found around the Ruthless Worgs that also have a chance to drop the Templar's Holy Shield Stigma. This makes this spot a double whammy of farming goodness.

The Savvy Daru's here are neutral to you meaning they will not attack unless you attack them first. The Ruthless Worgs on the other hand will attack you if you get too close. If you're in the area doing the repeatable quests I recommend sticking around here for a bit.

Sleep Arrow Farming Location

Sleep Arrow & Holy Shield Stigma Farming Video

Items of Interest

Sleep ArrowSleep Arrow

Holy ShieldHoly Shield

Thick RawhideThick Rawhide

Accessory FluxAccessory Flux

Worg ClawWorg Claw

Summon Wind Spirit IISummon Wind Spirit II