Salix Log Asmodian Farming Location

Salix Log Farming Location

This is one of the best places I've found to farm for Salix Log. Salix Log is a common material used in Handicrafting. It isn't in demand as other materials such as Adamantium or Platinum but it will still net you a pretty penny on the AH from the right person. Or of course you can always use it yourself. In order to pick up Salix Logs you will 250 Gathering Skill.

If your gathering skill isn't high enough you can also find Rogen in the area which requires 230 skill to pick up. However the Rogen doesn't sell too well on the AH so I recommend that you ignore it while running around gathering. Also one additional note, ignore the Grankers here at all costs. The ones that agro you will call for help and heal themselves when they get low on HP. Their call from help will usually agro 2-3 mobs from the area. It's pretty much a deathwish.

Salix Log Farming Video:

Another great place to farm for Salix Log is right outside of Besfer Refugee Camp. Here you can also farm for Xilix, Pressa, Orichalcum as well as Salix Logs. The downside of this area is that since it is right out of town it is very more well known and typically overcrowded. You may get lucky and not many people will be gathering and just leveling.

Items of Interest

Salix LogSalix Log


Xilix FiberXilix Fiber


Pressa PetalPressa Petal

Orichalcum OreOrichalcum Ore

Greater Orichalcum OreGreater Orichalcum Ore

Pure Orichalcum OrePure Orichalcum Ore

Brilliant Orichalcum OreBrilliant Orichalcum Ore

Life CrystalLife Crystal