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Asmodian Salix, Xilix, Orichalcum and Pressa Farming

Besfer Refugee Camp

Just outside of the Besfer Refugee Camp you can find an Abundance of things to gather. The hardest thing to gather here is the Orichalcum Ore, which requires 300 skill. However you can start gathering here with 250 skill but you'll only be able to pick up the Salix Logs. Below are the items you can get by farming here:

This is the best farming location for all endgame Aion materials.

Xilix FiberXilix Fiber


Life CrystalLife Crystal

Salix LogSalix Log

Pressa PetalPressa Petal

Orichalcum OreOrichalcum Ore

Greater Orichalcum OreGreater Orichalcum Ore

Brilliant Orichalcum OreBrilliant Orichalcum Ore

Pure Orichalcum OrePure Orichalcum Ore

The only downside of this place is it can get pretty crowded since it is so close to town. Also since it has so many useful things that you can farm here chances are people are going to be all over this place.

Video of the best Farming Location In the game: