Sorcerer & Spiritmaster Stigma (Curse of Roots)


This is the first excellent farming area you will stumble upon as an asmodian is the Ettin's right outside of Morheim. These Ettins have a chance to drop the Curse of Roots Stigma for the Sorcerer and Body Root Stigma for the Spiritmaster. The Stigma's are very popular among the Sorcerer and Spiritmaster classes.

This Stigma has a relatively low drop rate but can sell upwards of 3 mill Kinah. So if you spend your time farming here and you actually get one, it will be well worth the effort. Below is a map of where you can find the Ettins for farming the Stigma. Where you see me on the map is where I usually farm them.

Morheim Snow Field

Curse of Roots Stigma Farming Video:

Items of Interest

Vendor TrashVendor Trash

Accessory FluxAccessory Flux

Thick RawhideThick Rawhide

Weapon FluxWeapon Flux

Power ShardPower Shard

Curse of RootsCurse of Roots