Balaur in Beluslan Farming Guide

Bakarma Crusader

This is a great place for you to farm at any level 41+. The Balaur here drop 200-500 kinah a kill and also items that are very valuable on the AH. If you've killed Balaur before you will know exactly what I'm talking about with these items. The items you will want to hold onto off the Balaur to sell on the AH are as follows

Balaur Crafting Materials:

Balaur HeartBalaur Heart

Tender Balaur MeatTender Balaur Meat

Hard Balaur ScaleHard Balaur Scale

Hard Balaur SkinHard Balaur Skin

Hot Balaur Blood StainHot Balaur Blood Stain

Hard Balaur HornHard Balaur Horn

These items are only the Balaur items that drop, of course the Balaur also drop valuable greens, blues, oranges and Manastones to boot. Usually in an hour farming here I get 20-30 manastones about 10-15 Balaur items and other greens and goodies. Also if you've been leveling Extract Vitality you will be able to Extract one of the rarest and most costly items here, Diamonds.

Diamonds take 380 skill in order to Extract and can give you up to 4 different valuable items. The most valuable of these items is the Rich Diamond Ore. The Rich Diamond Ore is used in the quest to upgrade your Inventory Size. Below is a list of items that you can get from the Diamond Deposits.

Diamond OreDiamond Ore

Rich Diamond OreRich Diamond Ore

Recovery CrystalRecovery Crystal

Dookiron's MementoDookiron's Memento

Location of the Balaur

Balaur Farming Video: