Asmodian Almeha Farming

AlmehaAlmeha Farming Area

Almeha is a clam that can be found just west of Besfer Refugee Camp. The clam can be found along the coast of the Frozen Lake in abundance. The Almeha can be used in an Almeha Aether Egg-rolled Sushi. The Aether Egg-rolled sushi is a popular food amongst casters.

Also while you are farming the Almeha here you will also find Moonstone Ore and Big Moonstone Ore. These two items can be used in Handicrafting as well as Alchemy. Also if you are a cook (Chances are if you're farming the Almeha) the Frozen Agrint's drop an essence which is used in Transformation Dishes.

Almeha Farming Video:

Items of Interest


Frozen Agrint EssenceFrozen Agrint Essence

Fresh Agrint RootFresh Agrint Root