Asmodian Farming Location: Adamantium, Platinum and Garnet

Adamantium Farming Location

In order to farm in this location you will first need at least 215 Gathering Skill. This location is by far the best location for you to find Platinum, Adamantium and Garnet. In about an hour you can pull out 500-600 Adamantium OreAdamantium Ore along with 100-200 PlatinumPlatinum and 10-20 GarnetGarnet, depending on fails.

I can't say I've found a better place to get Adamantium Ore then right here. If you're not going to use the Adamantium Ore it will also net you a pretty penny on the AH since Armorsmiths will need quite a bit of it. Below is a list of items you can find here:

Adamantium OreAdamantium Ore

Greater Adamantium OreGreater Adamantium Ore

Pure Adamantium OrePure Adamantium Ore

Platinum OrePlatinum Ore

Pure Platinum OrePure Platinum Ore

Greater Platinum OreGreater Platinum Ore

Garnet OreGarnet Ore

Big Garnet OreBig Garnet Ore

Below is a video I use of the path that works best for me. You can mine in any order you'd like, I still recommend watching the video however to learn all of the Ore spawn locations.

Video of the path I use for farming Adamantium, Platinum and Garnet: