Asmodian: Materials for 100-slot Cube


You can accept this quest from Nekorunerk in Pandemonium. This quest requires you to collect two different sets of items. One of the items is Drake CrystalDrake Crystals from the Dire Acheron Drakes in The Upper Abyss. The second item is Lucid Earth CrystalLucid Earth Crystals from the Cold Terra Spirits in Beluslan. First area you will want to go to is Upper Abyss for the Drake CrystalDrake Crystals.

Southern Ruins of Roah

The Drakes can be found far south in The Upper Abyss. The area you need to go to is actually an Elyos area. Which could be good or bad, chances are it will be a bit dangerous getting here but you'll also be able to unleash some rage on the lower levels. The fastest way of getting here is by Teleporting to the Western Shard of Latesran.

From the Western Shard of Latesran you will want to head south to the Floating Islands. Only the southern Floating Islands have the Drakes that you need to kill for the Shards. Also you will need to make sure it is a "Bone" Dire Acheron Drake, the normal drakes do not count.

Dire Archeron Drake

You will need to kill these drakes for Drake Crystal10 Drake Crystals. Once you have all Drake Crystal10 Drake Crystals you will want to leave Upper Abyss and head over to Beluslan. Once you arrive in Beluslan you will want to go southeast to Besfer Ghost Village.

Cold Terra SpiritCold Terra Spirit Location

Here you will find Cold Terra Spirits mixed in with Cold Earth Spirits. Only the Terra Spirits will drop the Lucid Earth CrystalLucid Earth Crystals that you need for your quest. Once you get all 7 it is time to return to Pandaemonium and turn in your quest. After you've turned in your quest you will want to accept the follow up quest and head to The Abyss.

Garkbinerk can be found on an island not even on the map in The Upper Abyss. Take a good look at the picture below to get an idea of where you will need to fly from.

Black Cloud Traders Isle

About 20 seconds of flying and you will see a large island, which is where the Black Cloud Traders can be found. Speak with Garkbinerk and turn in your quest, accept the follow up. Use your return ability to return to someplace off this island. Now you will want to head to Alsig Village, in southern Morheim. From town head south to the area on my map below:

Klaw Patroller

Here you will need to kill the Klaw Patrols for Tender Inner Shell3 Tender Inner Shells. After you collect all Tender Inner Shell3 Tender Inner Shells your next step will be to collect Rich Diamond Ore5 Rich Diamond Ore. Rich Diamond Ore can be gathered with 380 Extract Vitality Skill. The best place for you to gather Rich Diamond Ore is southeast of Red Mane Cavern. Below is a map of all the locations:

Rich Diamond Ore Farming

You will find quite a few Diamonds down here. Quick warning though, they are surrounded by level 44 - 45 mobs, meaning you should be at least that level before going down here and trying to gather. After you've collect all 5 of the Rich Diamonds that you need it will be time to find Vindachinerk in The Upper Abyss. This son of a bitch is a real pain in the ass to find.

He has 3 different spawn locations that he spawns in randomly at certain times of the day. The times of the day he can spawn are as follows.

1 - 6am
8 - 2pm
6pm - 12am

To quickly and easily find him you will want to type, or macro "/pathfinding Vindachinerk" or "/where Vindachinerk". Something to keep in mind is you will need to be in the general area in order for this to work, it won't pick him up from all the way across the zone Below is a map of all Vindachinerk's spawn locations.

Vindachinerk Spawn Locations:

Vindachinerk Spawn Locations
These locations are rough estimates, he can spawn a little in any direction of the location. I recommend keeping an eye on your radar for a blue dot when searching for him.

During the times I gave you he can spawn at any of these locations, it may take 30-40 minutes of flying around to find him, unless someone else is helping you. It's smart to team up and keep asking people where he is, maybe someone has seen him or will help you look for him. Once you find Vindachinerk turn in your quest and accept the follow up.


Where In The World Is Vindachinerk?

Admit it, finding Vindachinerk is quite possibly the most annoying thing you can ever do. If you're like me then you'll want to hang out in one area and grind a bit or do something instead of flying around wasting time looking for him. The best possible place to farm while waiting for Vindachinerk is the "[Coin] Putting the Past to Rest" quest near the Ruins of Roah.

In order to get the quest you will want to visit our NPC camp where I am standing on the map and speak with Rota. For this quest you need to kill 20 Disturbed Residents and 13 Ghosts of Oblivion around the Ruins of Roah. Below is a quick video of where to find each of the mobs while doing this quest.



Once you find Vindachinerk you will want to turn in your quest and accept the follow up. Oh boy. First part of the quest you will want to do is in Morheim, head over to Morheim and west of Alsig Village to the area just west of Alsig Village.

Broad Kalgolem Spawn Location

Here you will want to find and kill Broad Kalgolems. The Broad Kalgolems can be found all around this area, most commonly near Rocks and the Road.

Broad Kalgolem

After you kill enough Broad Kalgolems for Kalgolem Life Stone7 Kalgolem Life Stones you will want to return to Alsig Village and fly back to the Fortress. From here teleport to Beluslan. From Beluslan Fortress you will want to head south to Giant's Valley.

Giants Valley

Here you will want to kill Floating Caltrops for Caltrops Life Stone3 Caltrops Life Stones. The Floating Caltrops blend in pretty well with the Amethyst Caltrops so make sure you're killing the right type!

Floating Caltrops

Once you get all 3 Life Stones it is time to return to The Upper Abyss and find Vindachinerk again. I know, this is probably the most frustrating thing you've done in awhile. luckily you wont have to find this son of a bitch again anytime soon. When you find him again the second time, take your pants off and run around the house like a mad man. It is very well deserved.