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Wildhammer Clan Reputation Guide

           The Wildhammer Clan is one of the many factions added with Cataclysm. The main quest hub for the Wildhammer Clan reputation is at Thundermar in Twilight Highlands. As with a lot of the other reputations added with Catacylsm, the fastest possible way for you to raise this reputation is by wearing its tabard while running either normal instances or heroics. Much like the Therazane faction, Wildhammer Clan has many dailies available for you to do, giving you the extra boost in raising the reputation. Below you will find a list of each of these dailies and a quick guide on the easiest way to do them.

Beer Run

Escort the supply caravan to Kirthaven

           Just how it sounds, you will need to protect the caravan located just west of Thundermar on its way to Kirthaven from the Dragonmaw attackers. I honestly don't know much else about this daily because I never do it, I HATE escort quests. =P

Fight Like a Wildhammer

Collect 10 Thundermar Ale Kegs

           All over the Thundermar Ruins to the south of Thundermar you will find Thundermar Ale Kegs. You will need to collect 10 of them to complete your daily quest. Be warned however, Horde are all over this area as well and when you open one of the kegs to loot it, it spawns a Horde NPC that will run at you and attack you.

Keeping the Dragonmaw at Bay

Collect 8 Dragonmaw Insignias

           This is probably the easiest of all the dailies given to you by the Wildhammer Clan. All it requires you to do is head south of Thundermar into the Thundermar Ruins and kill Dragonmaw NPCs until you collect 8 Insignias. This is easiest to do while collecting the 15 food surplus' and the 10 Thundermar Ale Keg dailies.

Never Leave a Dinner Behind

Collect 15 Wildhammer Food Stores

           The Wildhammer Food Stores you need to collect can be found all over the Thundermar Ruins just south of Thundermar. This daily quest will take you awhile mainly because there are a ton of Horde NPCs around to agro you while collecting the Food Stores as well as some Horde likely to attack you if you're on a PvP server.

Warlord Halthar is Back

Slay Warlord Halthar

           Warlord Halthar can be found in the Thundermar Ruins just south of Thundermar. He is at the furtherst south destroyed dwarf village, just north of the dried up river bed. A fair warning, if you're on a PvP server you may want to group up for him, not only will he have Horde NPCs with him, protecting him but there is a good chance Horde players will attack you while you're fighting him.





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