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Warsong Offensive

           The Warsong Offensive is one of the factions included into the Horde Expedition. The main hub for the Warsong Offensive is Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra. Lead by Garrosh Hellscream the Warsong Offensive is here to oppose the Lich King. There are 8 Dailies available to you from the Warsong Offensive, most of which that come from Grizzly Hills. There is a set of dailies worth doing from Icecrown for them as well.

           If you'd like to see my list of dailies available for this faction from Grizzly Hills click here. Below are the dailies that are available to you from Icecrown that are worth doing.

Additional Note: As of patch 3.3 you will gain Warsong Offensive Reputation in all Northrend Heroics. The amount of reputation you gain is minimal and will not display unless you have reached exalted reputation with the Horde Expedition and The Sunreavers.

Blood of the Chosen

           Warbringer Davos Rioht gives you this quest aboard Ogrim's Hammer. You're required to head southwest to Ymirheim and kill 20 Vrykul. This daily quest is worth combining with "Assault by Ground". You can pick up the Assault by Ground quest just north of Ymirheim at (59 , 48).

Assault By Ground

           This is a fairly easy quest that requires you to escort 6 troops up the mountain and into Ymirheim. While escorting them you will be ambushed 3 times. Only 4 of the NPC's need to make it, but it's unlikely you'll even have one of them die by the time you reach your destination.



















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