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           The Timbermaw reputation is another reputation from Classic WoW. The Timbermaw's main hub is located between Felwood, Winterspring and Moonglade. The Timbermaw reputation can be raised by killing the Furbolgs in Felwood and collecting their feathers. In addition the Furbolgs in Winterspring can also be killed can you can collect their beads. You can turn in the beads at the entrance to Timbermaw Hold from Winterspring and the Feathers at the Entrance to Timbermaw from Felwood.

Below are pictures of the best farming areas for Timbermaw in both Winterspring and Felwood.

           When you kill a Furbolg you will gain 20 reputation per kill until revered. Once you hit revered they will stop giving you rep and you will need to turn in your feathers and beads until exalted. It will take you 85 turn ins.

Video Guide For Farming Timbermaw Reputation


The Diplomat

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