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The Oracles

           The Oracles is one of two reputations available to players in Sholazar Basin. Sholazar Basin is a Northrend Zone, players must own the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in order to enter Northrend. The Main hub of The Oracles is "Rainspeaker Canopy".

           The Oracles is at war with The Frenzyheart Tribe, the second faction found in Sholazar Basin. In order to begin raising your Oracles Reputation you must first complete "The Part-time Hunter" quest and accept the quest from the Frenzyheart nearby

Raising Your Reputation

Raising your reputation with the Oracles requires you to complete any of the 3 dailies available to you every day. Each of the dailies gives a different amount of reputation and will alternate almost every day. Below is a list of each of these dailies

Appeasing the Great Rain Stone (This daily never changes)
Collect 6 Shiny Treasures - 500 reputation

The Second Daily Will Be One Of These Three (700 Reputation each)
Mastery of the Crystals
Power of the Great One
Will of the Titans

The Final Daily Will Be One Of These Four (500 Reputation)
A Cleansing Song
Song of Fecundity
Song of Reflection
Song of Wind and Water

           If you complete every single one of these dailies you will be awarded an Achievement. Of course you don't need to complete them all in one day, but over the course of your Oracles career, so to speak.

Switching Your Faction

           Players can Switch between their Frenzyheart and Oracles faction at any time by killing Artruis the Heartless in Sholazar Basin. He is located in the cave right next to The Lifeblood Pillar. When changing your faction to The Frenzyheart Tribe you will start at 0/12000 Honored.

NOTE: It is recommended that players raise the faction they don't want first. Then do the quest to switch their faction to the opposing one. Then you will raise the faction you actually want to keep next and you'll be able to keep it forever and ever.

Additional Note: I recommend players raise Frenzyheart first then ditch it for The Oracles. The Oracles rewards you with an egg at revered that can hatch into many different goodies. This being the main reason you will want to keep this faction

Final Note: If you do each of the 3 dailies available to you each and every day it will take 20 days for you to reach exalted with the faction.














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