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The Kalu'ak

           The Kalu'ak reputation consists of a friendly race known as the Tuskarr. The Tuskarr are fishermen at heart. This is one of the easiest reputations to raise in WoTLK, there are many dailies available to you from this faction with. All of the dailies give you a decent amount of reputation for doing them as well. It will take roughly a week to raise it to Exalted, if you did all of the normal quests from the Kalu'ak.

           The Kalu'ak's main faction hub is Kamagua which is in the southwestern portion of Howling Fjord near Scalawag Point. Many people raise their Kalu'ak faction for the Penguin pet and of course the achievement. The Kalu'ak faction also will give players the best fishing pole in the game, Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole.

Below is a list of all of the dailies for the Kalu'ak faction. If you would like to see my video showing you each and every step of each daily click here.

The Kalu'ak Daily in Borean Tundra

           The Kalu'ak faction has one additional daily quest located in Borean Tundra, this daily quest requires you to collect 8 Kaskala Supply Crates. This quest is very easy, you should have no problem doing it. Hell you don't even need to fight anything.

Awards 500 Reputation

The Kalu'ak Daily in Howling Fjord

           The Kalu'ak's main hub is in Howling Fjord, as is another one of their daily quests. This one requires you to collect tasty Reef Fish and lure a Reef Cow to the Reef Bull. Below is picture of the Tasty Reef Fish schools and a picture of where you can find the Reef Cows and Bulls.

           On my map the blue circle indicates where you can find the Tasty Reef Fish schools and the white squares are the location of the Reef Bull and Reef Cow. The Reef bull is to the south, closer to Scalawag Point where as the Reef Cow is further north, closer to Kamagua. To lure the Bull over get within 20 yards of him and use the fish in your inventory. Continually do this to lead him across. I recommend you get at least 6 Fish.

Hey! Don't make fun of my heart!

Awards 500 reputation

The Kalu'ak Daily in Dragonblight

           The only other Kalu'ak daily is in Dragonblight. This one requires you to capture 12 Snowfall Glade puppies which can be found just north of the Kalu'ak town.

           When you run over to one of these puppies a little loot bag will appear over your cursor, allowing you to pick them up. Be careful however, if you do any form of AoE they will hit the puppies and instantly kill them. Don't be a murderer!

Awards 500 reputation





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