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Sons of Hodir

           The Sons of Hodir is one of the most annoying reputations to grind in all of Northrend. The factions main quest hub is located in Stormpeaks, northeast of K3. In order to start doing the dailies from the Sons of Hodir, however you will first need to complete the pre-req quest line. The pre req quest line starts in K3 with "They Took Our Men!". If you're main focus in WoW is PvE the Sons of Hodir reputation will be almost a must to grind since they give excellent PvE shoulder enchants.

           In addition to the shoulder enchants the recipe for a 22 slot bag also comes from the Sons of Hodir reputation as well as two mounts that you can purchase. Jewelcrafters may also be interested in the 16 crit recipe that comes from the reputation as well.

           Below is a list of all the dailies worth doing for the Sons of Hodir Reputation. The only one not listed is the Harpoon one, because... Well. It sucks. There are two other ways to raise your Sons of Hodir reputation and that is by finding Everfrost Chips and collecting Relics of Ulduar. The Everfrost Chips are quite rare, so it's not worth intentionally farming for them. However the Relics of Ulduar are fairly common making it worth it to farm them. A good spot to farm them is northwest of the Temple of Storms. Below is a video of where to farm them and me farming them.

Video of Me Farming Relics of Ulduar

Polishing The Helm

           For this quest you're required to head west of the helm and into the Hibernal Caverns. In here you need to kill Vicous Oils for 5 Vicous Oil. The drop rate for the oil is 100%, it's usually crowded in here as well, so if you're on a PvP server be on your guard!

Hot and Cold

           For this daily you're required to head east and kill Brittle Revenants until you get 5 Essences of Ice. Once you get 5 Essences of Ice head further east to Fjorn's Anvil. Here you will need to right click the Essences of Ice in your inventory to throw them at Smoldering Scraps nearby. After you do that be sure to pick up the Frozen Scrap,

Blowing Hodir's Horn

           This quest requires you to head northeast to Frostfield Lake. Here you will need to kill 5 Niffelem Forefather's and 5 Restless Frostborns. After you kill them you will need to use Hodir's Horn on their bodies to get quest credit.

Spy Hunter

           This quest requires you to head west towards the Hibernal Caverns. You'll see a dead Frostwolf around the entrance of the cavern. Un mount and use the tooth provided to summon a frostwolf guide. Mount back up and watch it run around until he finds a Dwarf. If you mount back up he moves at an increased rate, causing him to find the dwarf faster. Also you will need to protect him from any nearby Jourmungars.

Feeding Arngrim

           This one of the dailies is available to you once you reach revered. All you need to do is throw Arngrim's Tooth at a Jormungar and then DPS him down. When you get him low on health Arngrim will run in and eat him. Do this a total of 5 times.





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