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The Earthen Ring

           The Earthen Ring is the first faction you will encounter in Vashj'ir of Cataclysm. This faction has no dailies available to it, meaning the only possible way to raise it is to wear the tabard sold by the reputation vendor in Silver Tide Hollow of Vashj'ir in the Cataclysm dungeons. Since there are no dailies available to this faction it makes it very time consuming to raise and as such there is no real "guide" to give to you for the faction.

Earthen Ring Achievements:

The Earthen RingThe Earthen Ring: Earn exalted status with The Earthen Ring. If you're looking for a guide on the fastest and easiest way to raise your Earthern Ring Reputation check out my Earthen Ring Reputation Guide! The Earthen Ring Cataclysm Reputation is one of the more difficult ones to raise as there are no dailies available for this Reputation. In order to increase your Earthen Ring Reputation you will need to buy their tabard and use it in level 85 instances.


































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