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Dragonmaw Clan Reputation Guide

           The Dragonmaw Clan is one of the new reputations added with Cataclysm. The main hub for the Dragonmaw Clan is located in Twilight Highlands in the the town of Bloodgulch. As with all the other reputations of Cataclysm, the easiest way to raise it is by wearing that factions tabard while doing normal instances or heroics. However, Dragonmaw Clan, much like Therazane has a ton of daily quests available for you to do which will help you quickly raise the reputation to max. Below is a list of each of these dailies and a quick guide on how to do them.

Another Maw to Feed

Collect 15 Wildhammer Food Stores

           North of Bloodgulch you will find the Thundermaw Ruins. All over the ruins sitting in or around the destroyed, abandoned dwarf houses you will find the 15 Wildhammer Food Stores that you need to collect for this daily quest. Be cautious though there are tons of mobs all over the place that can agro you and interrupt your collection.

Bring Down the High Shaman

Kill High Shaman MacKilligan

           High Shaman MacKilligan can be found at the northern most ruins in the Thundermaw Ruins. Generally he is battling a few of your Dragonmaw allies.

Crushing the Wildhammer

Collect 8 Wildhammer Insignias

           This is probably the easiest daily available to you from the Dragonmaw Clan. All you have to do is simply kill the Wildhammer dwarfs in the Thundermaw Ruins or just south of it in the dried up river bed for 8 Wildhammer Insignias.

Hook'em High

Kill 4 Thundermaw Gryphon Riders

           Flying all around above the dried up river bed just north of Bloodgulch you will see Thundermaw Gryphon Riders. You will need to use the Barbed Fleshhook you're given with the quest to pull them off of their mounts and then kill them. This is another simple daily quest.

Total War

Smash 10 Wildhammer Kegs

           This is very similar to the daily "Another Maw to Feed". What you need to do is run around the Thundermaw Ruins and smash the Wildhammer Kegs that you find. The biggest pain in the ass about this daily is when you smash a keg it will put you in combat and have a dwarf come after you. This dwarf can agro another dwarf while he is running towards you making it easy for adds to pile up on you quickly. This is my least favorite of the Dragonmaw dailies.

Dragonmaw Clan Achievements:

Dragonmaw ClanDragonmaw Clan: Earn exalted status with the Dragonmaw Clan (Horde Only Achievement & Faction). There are many daily quests available to players looking to raise their Dragonmaw Clan Reputation in Twilight Highlands. If you're interested in seeing a detailed guide on these daily quests check out my Dragonmaw Clan Reputation Guide!

Much like Therazane, this is another easy Cataclysm Reputation to raise.





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