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Argent Dawn Reputation Guide

This guide is out of date now with Cataclysm. You now have to do quests in Eastern Plaguelands to raise your Argent Dawn Reputation

           The Argent Dawn faction is from Classic WoW. It's main hub is Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands. However there are additional hubs in Western Plageulands for both Horde and Alliance. The easiest way to gain reputation with The Argent Dawn is by running Scholomance or Stratholme.

           I recommend that you run Stratholme to kill Baron Rivendare. Baron Rivendare has a chance to drop a very rare mount, Baron Rivendare's Mount. This mount will give you a Feat of Strength Achievement as well as contribute towards the collect 100 mount achievements. Plus it looks amazing and is the only Skeletal Warhorse mount an Alliance player can get!

            The Regular mobs in Strath and Scholo will give you around 5-10 rep. The bosses will give you 150-250 reputation. In addition to these two ways to raise your reputation you can also loot Scourgestones. In order to get a Scourgestone you must have your Argent Dawn Commision equipped, then you will start to see the Scourgestones drop from and Scourge mob.

           Something to keep in mind is 20 Minion's Scourgestones = 10 Invader Scourgestones and 10 Invader Scourge stones = 1 Corrupter's Scourgestone. Minion Scourgestones drop from regular mobs, Invaders from Elite mobs and Corrupter's from bosses. When turning in any Scourgestone you will gain 50 reputation. In addition you are given a mark which will increase your reputation by 75.

           If you'd like to see my guide on Scholomance click here. Or if you'd like to see my guide on Stratholme Undead side click here. Also, I'd like to add that Scholomance is also my favorite spot to farm and an amazing spot to make a ton of cash. It's part of my Farming guide which can be found here.

Argent Dawn Reputation Achievements

The Argent DawnThe Argent Dawn: Earn Exalted Status with the Argent Dawn. Pretty easy, just run a lot of Scholo and Strath.

The Argent ChampionThe Argent Champion: Raise your reputation to exalted with The Argent Crusade and The Argent Dawn. The Argent Dawn is a classic WoW faction that used to be a max level (level 60) faction but with the revamp Cataclysm brought to the world Eastern Plaguelands is now a 40s zone. Also Argent Dawn Reputation can no longer be gained from running Strath or Scholo you now must complete quests in Eastern Plaguelands to raise your reputation. As for the Argent Crusade they are still a Northrend faction primarily found in Icecrown.

Argent Dawn Reputation Guide
Argent Crusade Reputation Guide
























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