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Stratholme Living Side Instance Guide

           Stratholme has two sides, Undead and Living. The living side is harder then the undead side. If it's your first time in Stratholme you will need to enter from the Living Side and run over to the Undead side (Head east once you're inside in the instance). You will need to kill Magistrate Barthilas for the Key to the City. The Key to the City will allow you to open the gates on the Undead Side.

           The Living Side has a lot of Scarlet Crusade mobs, which drop Righteous Orbs. These orbs are used for the Crusader enchant, a saught after twinking enchant. Also, it's worth noting that to access the Living Sides final bosses and the other half of the instance you will need someone who can pick locks or the Scarlet Key from Scarlet Monastery: Library.

Click here for a list of all of the quests that involve Stratholme.

When you enter Stratholme Living the first boss you encounter will be Timmy the Cruel.

           When you engage Timmy, he will shout "TIMMY" which is a reference to Timmy from south park. Other than that, he is a very basic simple tank and spank. Timmy will only appear after you've opened the door to go into the inner scarlet sanctum.

Timmy's Galoshes
Grimgore Noose
The Cruel Hand of Timmy
Vambraces of the Sadist
Lightforge Gauntlets

           After you kill Timmy the next boss you'll run into is Malor the Zealous. Malor doesn't do anything special and doesn't have a loot table. The only special thing about this boss is he guards a box that contains the Medallion of Faith. This is used in a quest for the Undead Side of Strath.

           After you kill Malor the Zealous the next boss you will encounter is Cannon Master Willey. This is an optional boss, but everyone does him. Cannon Master Willey is best known for dropping a saught after "Collector's Item" which is the Cannonball Runner.

           Cannon Master Willey himself is a very basic tank and spank fight. However during the encounter he will call for guards. Roughly every 10-15 seconds. When he does this you will need to have someone in your group to grab a Cannonball nearby him and right click a cannon. This will fire a cannonball at all of the adds and kill them.

Mantle of the Scarlet Crusade
Diana's Pearl Necklace
Helm of the New Moon
Cannonball Runner
Master Cannoneer Boots
Shadowcraft Spaulders
Willey's Portable Howitzer
Barrage Girdle
Wiley's Back Scratcher
Plans: Heartseeker

           After you kill Cannon Master Willey the next boss in line will be Archivist Galford.

           Archivist Galford is the final boss before the final boss. He is a spellcaster and casts a ton of fire spells. He has Pyroblast which will hit your tank for a lot and Fire Nova. It's important that when you see Pyroblast being cast you top the tank off, usually this will hit for 2-3k and he will follow it up with a 700-100 Fire Nova. Archivist Galford has a 100% chance to drop a Righteous Orb.

Foresight Girdle
Archivist Cape
Ash Covered Boots
Devout Gloves
Tome of Conjure Food VII

           After you kill Archivist Galford the final boss for you to kill will be Grand Crusader Dathrohan and Balnazaar.

           Grand Crusader Dathrohan is the final boss of Strath Living. Grand Crusader Dathrohan is a paldin, so he will judge you, HoJ you and do Paladin stuff like that. At around 40% he will transform into Balnazaar. Balnazaar will sleep everyone, go through a quick speech then attack. Balnazaar will Shadowbolt the party and Mind Blast. Very easy fight if you made it through the annoying as balls scarlet mobs to get here.

Fire Striders
Crown of Tyranny
Star of Mystaria
Hammer of the Grand Crusader
Gift of the Elven Magi
Lightforge Boots
Wyrmtongue Shoulders
Grand Crusader's Helm
Shroud of the Nathrezim
Pattern: Truefaith Vestments

           In addition to the bosses listed above there are also two optional bosses. They aren't listed in any specific order.

           Hearthsinger Forresten is an optional boss in Living Strath. He is kind of hard to see, so you will need to keep your eye out for him. He is a very well known boss because he drops the Piccolo of Flaming Fire.

Woollies of the Prancing Minstrel
Piccolo of the Flaming Fire
Rainbow Girdle
Songbird Blouse
Magister's Boots

           The other optional boss in Strath Living is The Unforgiven. The Unforgiven is a spectre that will only come out when you run through the northern passage way heading to Strath Undead.

           The Unforgiven is a very simple tank and spank encounter. When you run through the passage way that summons him, him and 4 adds will appear. So you will need to kill him and 4 adds.

Soul Breaker
Tearfall Bracers
Wailing Nightbane Pauldrons
Wildheart Gloves
Mask of the Unforgiven





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