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Shadowfang Keep Instance Guide

           Shadowfang Keep is an instance located in Silverpine Forest. Shadowfang Keep, also known as SFK is the first instance that is easily accessable by both Alliance and Horde. Shadowfang Keep is home to Argual and his army of Werewolves and other undead creatures. There are 8 bosses in this dungeon for players to kill each of them will drop a blue.

For a list of all of the quests that involve SFK click here.

When entering Shadowfang Keep the first boss you will encounter is Rethilgore.


           Rethilgore is a basic tank and spank, nothing special about him. After you kill him you'll be required to open one of the two jail cages next to him. If you're Horde you'll want to open the one with Deathstalker Adamant inside. As Alliance you'll want to open the one with Sorcerer Ashcrombe. Etheir one of these NPC's will open the door to the courtyard for you.


Rugged Spaulders

The next boss in line is Razorclaw the Butcher.

Razorclaw the Butcher

           Razorclaw is another very basic tank and spank. He doesn't do anything unique. However, a lot of Rogues run this instance for the Butcher's Slicer. This is a nice 1h sword.

Loot Table:

Bloody Apron

Butcher's Slicer

Butcher's Cleaver

After you kill Razorclaw the next boss in line is Baron Silverlaine. This is an optional boss and he is generally skipped.

Baron Silverlaine

This boss is another very basic and simple tank and spank.

Loot Table:

Baron's Scepter

Silverlaine's Family Seal

The next boss in line is Commander Springvale.

Commander Springvale

           Commander Springvale is a very basic boss. The only thing he does that is unique and special is bubble. Very similar to a pally he will go immune to attacks for 6 seconds. Other than that, simple tank and spank.

Loot Table:

Arced War Axe

Commander's Crest

After you kill Commander Springvale the next boss you'll encounter is Odo the Blindwatcher.

Odo the Blindwatcher

           When you engage Odo usually you'll get a bat or two as an add. Quickly dispose of the bats and focus on Odo. As you lower his HP he will enrage, doing more damage. With the gear you will normally have at this level it's not much to worry about.

Loot Table:

Girdle of the Blindwatcher

Odo's Ley Staff

After you kill Odo the next boss in line is Fenrus the Devourer.

Fenrus the Devourer

           Fenrus will summon voidwalkers during this encounter. The voidwalkers have roughly 150 health and can be quickly killed with an Arcane Explosion or two, or a similar ability. Other than that there is no special ability that Fenrus does.

Loot Table:

Fenrus' Hide

Black Wolf Bracers

After Fenrus is dead, you'll be killing Wolf Master Nandos next.

Wolf Master Nandos

            Wolf Master Nandos is the second to last boss in Shadowfang Keep. It's very important that you clear his room before you attempt to kill the boss. While fighting Nandos he will call dogs to help him. If you don't clear the whole room these dogs will also come.

Loot Table:

Feline Mantle

Wolfmaster Cape

After you kill Nandos the door behind him will open. You'll do a few more pulls and then you'll be up against the final boss, Arugal.

Archmage Arugal

           Arugal has a very special mechanic. He will spam shadowbolts almost the whole time on your main tank, but also during the encounter he will teleport around the room. That means its crucial that you kill everything in the room. After he teleports its usually advised that you wait before attacking him again.

Loot Table:

Robes of Arugal

Belt of Arugal

Meteor Shard





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