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Razorfen Kraul Instance Guide

           Razorfen Kraul, also known as RFK is located in the Southern Barrens. This instance is home to Quilboars. This instance is designed for players level 25 - 30. RFK has 6 bosses in it two of which drop items twinks usually come here for. Corpsemaker is a level 27 Two-Handed axe that warriors and Paladins run this instance for. Thornspike is the other item that twinks usually come here for, which is a level 27 Dagger.

           There are 6 quests involving this instance 4 for each faction. To view all of these quests click here.

           The first boss you will encounter in RFK can ether be Aggem Thorncurse or Death Speaker Jargba. I will list Aggem Thorncurse first.

Nothing special about this boss. Very simple tank and spank.


Now for Death Speaker Jargba.

           This boss will come with two adds, one of them will mind control certain members of your party and also toss a Shadow Word: Pain on people. The other one is just a melee mob. Other then that, the boss doesn't really do anything special.

Death Speaker Scepter
Death Speaker Robes
Death Speaker Mantle

The next boss in line is Overlord Ramtusk, who drops Corpsemaker, a sought after twinking axe.

           Overlord Ramtusk comes with two adds. He also hits quickly and like a truck. If you have a mage, rogue or hunter or someone that can Crowd Control an add, make sure they do it. Other than that, just burn Overlord Ramtusk.

Tusken Helm

           The next boss after Overlord Ramtusk is an optional boss, Agathelos the Raging. In order to fight Agathelos you will need to clear the pack of Quilboars in the room with the bats. This will lower the Forcefield, allowing you access to him.

           Agathelos doesn't really do anything special, it's a basic tank and spank fight. However you may want to warn your group about rushing into his room. When you get close to him he will start to run forward down the hall.

Ferine Leggings
Swinetusk Shank

           After you kill Agathelos, the next boss is Charlga Razorflank. Charlga is the final boss of RFK. Also, after you kill Charlga Razorflank, be sure to loot the scroll that she drops, it will start a quest.

           This is a pretty basic tank and spank fight, the only move she has that you need to watch out for is her Chain Bolt. This move is essentially Chain Lightning which will hit you and your group for A LOT.

Agamaggan's Clutch
Heart of Agamaggan
Pronged Reaver





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