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Maraudon Purple Instance Guide

           Maraudon has 3 different wings Purple, Orange and Center. Both the Purple and Orange wings are connected to the center wing. This means that when you finish ether the Purple or Orange side behind the end boss is a waterfall that will take you to the central wing. You can hop right into the center instance after you kill both end bosses and complete this quest.

           The quest requires you to kill both end bosses of Orange and Purple and return the Diamond and Rod to Celebras the Redeemed. Celebras the Redeemed can be summoned by killing Celebras the Cursed who is the final boss of both orange and purple.

           When running Maraudon Purple the first boss you'll come across is Lord Vyletongue.

Lord Vyletongue

           Lord Vyletongue is a Rogue and also has two more Rogue Satyr's that are stealthed to each side of him. Lord Vyletongue will use Blink to teleport to where you entered in the room and then Multi-shot the group. He will also use Smoke Bombs which will stun members of your group. When you engage him kill his adds then kill him.

Loot Table:

Celebrian Diamond

Infernal Trickster Leggings

Satyr's Lash

Satyrmane Sash

           After you kill Lord Vyletongue you will merge with the Orange inside side and have to kill Celebras the Cursed.

Celebras the Cursed

           Celebras the Cursed will come with three adds when you start the fight. During the fight he will summon more adds to help him. Celebras will also use Wrath on the group as well as Root the group. He also has a harmful version of the Druid Tranquility spell, which will slow your movement speed and Attack/Casting Speed. After you kill him he will turn into the Redeemed version of him self and you will be able to interact with him.

Loot Table:

Grovekeeper's Drape

Soothsayer Headdress

Claw of Celebras





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