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Maraudon Instance Guide

           Maraudon has 3 different wings Purple, Orange and Center. Both the Purple and Orange wings are connected to the center wing. This means that when you finish ether the Purple or Orange side behind the end boss is a waterfall that will take you to the central wing. You can hop right into the center instance after you kill both end bosses and complete this quest.

           The quest requires you to kill both end bosses of Orange and Purple and return the Diamond and Rod to Celebras the Redeemed. Celebras the Redeemed can be summoned by killing Celebras the Cursed who is the final boss of both orange and purple.

           After you complete ether Maraudon Purple or Orange you'll end up in the center area of Maraudon. The first boss you will come across is Landslide.


           Landslide is a pretty basic tank and spank fight. He will do an AoE trample move that will hit everyone around him. He will also stomp the ground at around 50% health and summon adds. The adds are level 46 and non elite, just quickly AoE them down and keep your focus on Landslide.

Loot Table:

Helm of the Mountain

Rockgrip Gauntlets

Cloud Stone

Fist of Stone

           The next boss after Landslide will be Princess Therades, the ugliest Princess the world has ever seen.

Princess Theradras

           Princess Theradras is a pretty tough fight for a lower level group. She will hurl boulders at people from distance as well as occasionally use "Dust Field". Dust Field will knock back anyone close enough to her and also damage then while she is knocking them back. Try to position her in the middle, if you're too close to an Edge when she uses Dust Field you will be thrown off.

Loot Table:

Blackstone Ring

Bracers of the Stone Princess

Gemshard Heart

Elemental Rockridge Leggings

Princess Theradras' Scepter

Charstone Dirk

Eye of Theradras

Blade of Eternal Darkness

           After you kill Princess Theradras be sure to grab the quest from Zaetar nearby. It requires you to take a seed to Moonglade, for a lot of XP. After you get the quest jump down into the water below for the next boss, Rotgrip.


           Rotgrip is an alligator that will swim around in the lake under Princess Theradras. He hits like a truck and during the fight he will put a bleed effect on you that will stack. Similar to Razorlash on the purple side of Mara. The bleed effect wont do much damage at first but if the fight lasts long enough it can become deadly.

Loot Table:

Rotgrip Mantle

Albino Crocscale Boots

Gatorbite Axe

           After you kill Rotgrip the next boss in line will be Tinkerer Gizlock. You'll have to circle around a large area in order to get to him but chances are you'll have someone with you that knows where he is.

Tinkerer Gizlock

           Tinkerer Gizlock is a Goblin Engineer. He will use bombs and a Flame Thrower against you and your group. Very simple boss fight, when he starts using his Flame Thrower have the tank spin him away from the group so only he gets hit by the flame.

Loot Table:

Gizlock's Hypertech Buckler

Megashot Rifle

Inventor's Focal Sword





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