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Drak'tharon Instance Guide


           Drak'tharon is located in the northwestern portion of Grizzly Hills. Drak'tharon used to be home to the trolls of Northrend but they where evacuated and now Scourge rules the Keep. Drak'tharon is one of the longest instances in WoTLK and has one optional boss, King Dred. Everyone does him anyway, so he usually is never skipped but still he is an optional boss. Drak'tharon also has one of the easiest final bosses on both Normal and Heroic Difficulty.


Normal Strategy: Consider this fight just a stupidly easy fight on normal.

Heroic Strategy: This fight is just a DPS race on heroic. Only notable thing is he explodes corpses, keep him away from them.

Normal Loot Table:

Berserker's Horns

Troll Butcherer

Infection Resistant Legguards

Heroic Loot Table:

Legs of Physical Regeneration

Batrider's Cord

Terrace Defence Boots

Cowl of the Dire Troll

Novos the Summoner

Normal Strategy: This boss is simplistic, the second you engage him he'll form an immunity barrier around himself. In order to take the barrier down you have to kill the Undead that enter the room from the way you came in and the Undead that come down from the stairs near Novos. Once all the waves of Undead are slain the barrier will go down and he will become attackable. From there its simplistic.

Heroic Strategy: Same as normal, just harder

Normal Loot Table:

Robes of Novos

Summoner's Stone Gavel

Crystal Pendant of Warding

Heroic Loot Table:

Necromantic Wristguards

Cursed Lich Blade

Temple Crystal Fragment

Breastplate of Undeath

King Dred

Normal Strategy: Tank and spank, only additive is Grevious Bite, which will cause damage to who ever its on until the target is fully healed.

Heroic Strategy: Same as normal with one exception. On Heroic King Dred does a debuff which reduces your armor by 75%. This is a nasty debuff that lasts a couple of seconds.

Normal Loot Table:

Staff of the Great Reptile

Scabrous-Hide Helm

Stable Master's Breeches

Heroic Loot Table:

Incisor Fragment

Handler's Arm Strap

Savage Wound Wrap

King Dred's Helm

The Propget Tharon'ja

Normal Strategy: The fight begins while The Prophet is in skeletal serpent form. Have the tank pick him up and at a certain percentage he will stun everyone and change into a living serpent, changing everyone into skeletons. In skeletal form you need to Spam 1. When you have the boss on you use Bone Shield and when your health isn't full use Touch of Life. He'll turn back into a skeletal serpent, and back into a living one multiple times during this whole fight.

Heroic Strategy: Same as normal

Normal Loot Table:

Helmet of Living Flesh

Tharon'ja's Aegis

Muradin's Lost Greaves

Heroic Loot Table:

Talisman of Troll Divinity

Limb Regeneration Bracers

Mojo Masked Crusher

Ziggurat Imprinted Chestguard

Leggings of the Winged Serpent

Spectral Seal of the Prophet

Keystone Great-Ring

Overlook Handguards

Design: Timeless Forest Emerald


Here is a list of quests you can pick up for Drak'tharon


Drak'tharon Keep
- Trollgore               - Novos the Summoner
- King Dred            - The Prophet Tharon'ja

Heroic: Drak'tharon Keep
- Trollgore              - Novos the Summoner
- King Dred            - The Prophet Tharon'ja

Consumption Junction
- Defeat Trollgore in Drak'tharon Keep on Heroic Difficulty before Consume reaches 10 stacks.

Oh Novos!
- Defeat Novos the Summoner in Drak'tharon Keep on Heroic Difficulty without allowing any undead minions to reach the floor

Better Off Dred
- Engage King Dreg in Drak'tharon Keep on Heroic Difficulty and slay 6 Drakkari Gutrippers or Drakkari Scytheclaw during his defeat.





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