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Dire Maul North Instance Guide


           Dire Maul was the hardest instance in "Classic" WoW. Dire Maul is branched into three different wings, East, West and North. East is the easiest of the three followed by West then North. Dire Maul North has two different ways that you're able to run it. A normal run and a Tribute run. A Normal run means you kill all of the bosses, a Tribute run you ignore all of the bosses and only kill the king.

           After you kill the king a tribute chest is placed on the ground which the less bosses you kill, the greater loot this chest will hold. Also any of the Guards left alive will grant you a very powerful buff if you're level 63 or below. If you'd like to see all of the quests involved in Dire Maul click here.

           Dire Maul North is the most commonly run Dire Maul Instance. Usually players run Dire Maul Tribute, which means they skip all of the bosses aside from the last two, the king and observer. The less bosses you kill in Dire Maul North the better the loot in the Tribute Chest. Each boss has a unique way of skipping it, all of those ways will be listed in my guide.

           The first boss you will come across is Guard Mol'dar. Guard Mol'dar is usually the first boss you will kill when running Dire Maul North. Groups will usually kill him for the Inner Door Key unless they have a Rogue then reset the instance.

           Guard Mol'dar is a very easy fight. He has two abilities that will knock players back, making it crucial to clear a lot of the guard dogs in the area. Also when you get him to around 40% he will call for help pulling any nearby guard dogs.

Loot Table:

Jagged Bone Fist

Modest Armguards

Ogre Pocket Knife

Hyena Hide Belt

Gordok Nose Ring

Robe of Combustion


Unsophisticated Hand Cannon

Denwatcher's Shoulders

Heliotrope Cloak

Sublime Wristguards

Bulky Iron Spaulders

           After you kill Guard Mol'dar the next boss you'll fight is Stomper Kreeg. Stomper Kreeg is the ogre that started the ogre dance.

Stomper Kreeg

           Stomper Kreeg is a alcoholic ogre. During the fight he will spit alcohol at you and your group getting everyone drunk. He also does a great deal of damage and has an ability that will knock anyone close back and stun them. When you finish DM North and kill the king and become the king you will be able to return to Stomper Kreeg (If you didn't kill him) and buy unique drinks off him.


Kreeg's Mug

           After Stomper Kreeg the next boss will be Guard Fengus. Guard Fengus guards the Inner Courtyard Key. In the center of the room he patrols there will be a small chest. To skip this boss you will need to sneak in, grab the key then get out.

Guard Fengus

           Guard Fengus is a very simple tank and spank. He has a knock back ability that could be dangerous if you get knock backed into more mobs. He also will randomly charge someone in the group which will not effect his agro at all.

Loot Table:

Jagged Bone Fist

Modest Armguards

Hyena Hide Belt

Ogre Pocket Knife

Robe of Combustion

Unsophisticated Hand Cannon

Gallant's Wristguards

           After Guard Fengus you'll find Guard Slip'kik. In order to dodge Guard Slip'kik you will need to bring a Frost Oil with you. With the Frost Oil in hand put it in the broken trap nearby, when Guard Slip'kik walks into it he will become frozen.

Guard Slip'kik

           Guard Slip'kik is another warrior, very similar to Guard Fengus. He is a very basic tank and spank boss with very few noteable moves. The only thing he does of concern is knock back, so ether clear all of the mobs or make sure you're back isn't to any of them.

Loot Table:

Jagged Bone Fist

Modest Armguards

Ogre Pocket Knife

Hyena Hide Belt

Gordok Nose Ring

Robe of Combustion


Denwatcher's Shoulders

Heliotrope Cloak

Sublime Wristguards

Bulky Iron Spaulders

           After you kill or dodge Guard Slip'kik the next boss is Captain Kromcrush. Captain Kromcrush can be avoided by having someone in the party put on an ogre costume and run up to him and tell him there is some commotion in the courtyard.

Captain Kromcrush

           Captain Kromcrush is just about one of the hardest bosses for a 5man group. He is a warrior and will fear your group, Mortal Strike the tank and use Retaliation. Also when you get Captain Kromcrush to 75% he will call for help. Two Gordok Reavers will be summoned and join the fight. You will need to fear this and if you can't fear or sheep quickly kill both of them. They will also hit like trucks and put Mortal Strike on anyone they're attacking.

Loot Table:

Monstrous Glaive

Kromcrush's Chestplate

Boots of the Full Moon

Mugger's Belt

           After Captain Kromcrush is the final bosses, King Gordok and Cho'Rush the Observer.

King Gordok & Cho'Rush the Observer

           King Gordok is a warrior and Cho'rush is a shaman. Have your tank pick up King Gordok right away and have everyone burn down Cho'Rush first. After Cho'rush is dead switch to King Gordok and burn him down. Cho'Rush will use Chain Lightning and also heal himself and King Gordok. If you're running a tribute run only kill King Gordok and leave Cho'rush alone.

Loot (Gordok):

Crown of the Ogre King

Brightly Glowing Stone

Barbarous Blade

Leggings of Destruction

Harmonious Gauntlets

Grimy Metal Boots

Bracers of Prosperity

Band of the Ogre King

Top Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume I

Ace of Warlords

Loot (Cho'Rush):

Observer's Shield

Insightful Hood

Cho'Rush's Blade

Mana Channeling Wand

Loot (Tribute):

Scarab Plate Helm

Oddly Magical Belt

Ogre Toothpick Shooter

Shaggy Leggings

Skullcracking Mace

Hyena Hide Jerkin

Carrion Scorpid Helm

Cyclone Spaulders

Mud Stained Boots

Elemental Plate Girdle

Tarnished Elven Ring

Mindsurge Robe

Barrier Shield

Unyielding Maul

Ogre Forged Hauberk

Schematic: Major Recombobulator

Gordok Bracers of Power

Counterattack Lodestone

Rod of the Ogre Magi

Redoubt Cloak

Treant's Bane

           After you kill the King and become the new King of the Ogres be sure to run back and talk to all of the Guards. When you're the King and you talk to the guards they will give you hella good buffs as long as you are level 63 or below.





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