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Swift Zulian Tiger / Raptor / Zul'Gurub Rep

           The Swift Zulian Tiger and raptor are two very rare mounts that drop in Zul'gurub. Players come to Zul'gurub, still to this day in search of these mounts. At least when you farm for these mounts you can kill two birds with one stone. You'll be able to complete your Zandalar rep as well as get these mounts.

Bloodlord Mandokir

           Bloodlord Mandokir is the person you'll want to kill for the Razzashi Raptor. When you engage this boss he will unmount from his raptor. You will need to kill his raptor and keep yourself alive through the enrage. (If you're not a healer, or don't have a healer this fight will be virtually impossible).

           After you survive the enrage go all out DPS until he puts the "Watching You" debuff onto you. When you get this you will want to immediatly stop DPS. Wait until the debuff fades and start DPS agian. If you survive through the enrage and stop DPS when you get the debuff this fight will be pretty easy.

High Priest Thekal

            High Priest Thekal is the boss in ZG that drops the Swift Zulian Tiger mount. Phase one requires you to kill all 3 of the bosses at the same time. After you do that High Priest will ressurect and turn into a tiger. During phase 2 just burn his ass down fast.

During phase one you will have to stop the one add from healing while DPS'ing all 3 down. It's important that you kill them all within 10 seconds of each other or the one that died will ressurect and the fight will start over again. Once you reach phase 2 it's very important you stay far away from the edges. It would suck to get punted out after you made it this far.

Zul'Gurub Reputation

           To raise your reputation with the Zandalar tribe you'll want to keep the Bijou's and coins that you find when doing ZG. You will take these Bijou's and coins to an island in western Stranglethorn Vale. At the island you can turn in sets of coins for reputation and also destroy the Bijou's at the altar for reputation.

Farming Zul'Gurub

           Zul'Gurub will also give you a good deal of money if you stick around and farm all of the trash. The greens in Zul'Gurub will disenchant into a lot of Illusion Dust and Greater Eternal Essences fairly frequently. Also the real money makers here will be the Bijou's, this is of course if you have a lazy person on your server that wants Zandalar reputation. I usually sell my Bijou's for 25g each on Daggerspine. When you put them up on the Auction House just announce in /2 that they are there and pray that someone has a ton of extra gold they don't care about!

           The coins from ZG will also sell, but they won't nearly net you as much money as the Bijou's will. In addition if you are able to kill any of the bosses here, they will drop a few items you can vendor and about 30g. Something to keep in mind is Nexus Crystals, what the epics will DE into don't sell for anything. Also, the blues instead of disenchanting into Large Brilliant Shards they DE into Small Prismatic Shards. Unless your servers econemy is one of a kind and Small Prismatic Shards actually sell, just vendor the blues. Below are some vidoes to help you along when doing ZG.

General Videos:

Video of Me Farming Zul'Gurub Part 1
Video of Me Farming Zul'Gurub Part 2

Solo Boss Kill Videos:

Video of me Soloing High Priest Venoxis
Video of me Soloing High Priest Mar'li
Video of me Soloing Bloodlord Mandokir
Video of me Soloing High Priest Arlokk





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