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Wintergrasp Farming

           Wintergrasp has an endless amount of possibilites for different ways to farm here. When you don't own Wintergrasp you can fly around Mine different locations here or Herb different locations. You can also kill the normal elementals for a chance of a Crystallized Elemental Essence. When you own Wintergrasp you are able to do all of the above, in addition you will also be able to kill the "Revenant" version of each elemental. This version of the elemental will give you a 100% Chance to drop a Crystallized Item.

           In addition if you farm here through the Wintergrasp capture you will also luck out with getting a Wintergrasp Mark of Honor, which you can turn in for phat lootz. The first part of the Wintergrasp Experience I'll go into is farming the Elementals for Crystallized Goodies.

Wintergrasp Elemental Farming

           Wintergrasp is seperated into different sections that contain each of the different elemental types. Remember that the Revenants will only spawn when your faction owns Wintergrasp. Below is a map of each of the different sections.

           It can be a bit confusing and overwhelming, luckily thats what you have me for to break it down for you. Below is a list of each of the different elemental sections, containing more detail as well as videos for each section.

Eternal Air Farming In Wintergrasp

           Crystallized Air is the most annoying of the Crystallized Essences to farm in Wintergrasp. The Air Elementals are all pretty spread out over the southern portion of Wintergrasp and it seems like the Revenants have a less chance to spawn then the other normal Elementals. If you're farming the Air Elementals here you will want to be sure to kill the normal ones as well as the revenants since the revenants are a bit more rare.

Eternal Earth Farming In Wintergrasp

           Eternal Earth Farming in Wintergrasp is quite frustrating since the Earth Elementals are everywhere and not really condensed to one area. For this reason, I don't really have a video for this area, you'll just have to use my map. Needless to say, Farming Crystallized Earth in Wintergrasp is pretty ineffective and you will find better places elsewhere.

Eternal Fire Farming In Wintergrasp

           If you're looking for Eternal Fire, there really isn't much of a better place then Wintergrasp for it. In the south eastern section of the map you will find a large area of charred land for you to kill Fire Elementals for Crystallized Fire. This is one of the best areas for you to farm for Crystallized Fire, with the exception of Frost Floe Deep in Stormpeaks.

Eternal Water Farming In Wintergrasp

           Eternal Water is more spread out then Eternal Earth when it comes to Wintergrasp, luckily the mobs are pretty jam packed and the locations are pretty obvious, in the water. You'll find quite a few Revenants when swimming through the water and since you move slower when swimming in water you'll always have Revenants to kill. Below is a video of me farming Eternal Water in Wintergrasp.

Eternal Life Farming In Wintergrasp

           Wintergrasp is by far the best place for you to farm for Eternal Life, if not the only place. The only other place you can farm for Eternal Life is in Zul'drak at the Mossy Rampagers and lets face it, farming there sucks. The best part about this location is the mobs always drop vendor trash goodies as well as have a static amount of Revenants that spawn here.

Eternal Shadow Farming In Wintergrasp

           This is the second best thing to farm in Wintergrasp right behind the Eternal Life. Eternal Shadow's farming spot is just north of where you can find the spot for Eternal Life. Up here you will find tons of Shadow Elementals as well as Revenants for you to kill. They are all pretty close together too, this will be good if you have some form of AoE.

Gathering Farming In Wintergrasp

           The next few ways to farm in Wintergrasp will require you to have etheir Mining or Herbalism. Wintergrasp is a great place for you to farm with etheir of these professions since Mines and Herbs are all over the place. Regardless of if your faction controls Wintergrasp or not you'll be able to farm these with the same outcome. Below is a quick synapse of each profession with farming here as well as a video of the path I use to farm in Wintergrasp.

Herbalism In Wintergrasp

           Farming in Wintergrasp will net you quite a bit of doe an hour, plus you'll be able to get additional honor/wintergrasp marks if you decide to farm through the battle. A good option here is when the battle starts, kill the guards until you rank up, then continue farming. This will get you marks as well as honor while farming.

Mining In Wintergrasp

           The mining in Wintergrasp is superb. There are tons of mines here and it is all close together. However, sometimes even two people farming mines in this zone is too many. The closer you get to prime time and the more people farming in this zone the worse it gets. So if you like waking up early in the morning or playing at odd ball hours, you'll love this zone.





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