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Farming Sanguine Hibiscus

           Farming Sanguine Hibiscus is almost the same thing as farming for Coilfang Armaments just instead of Steamvaults you're in Underbog. Sanguine Hibiscus can be found on almost any of the trash mobs of Underbog (except the naga) and also can be found on the ground around the instance. If you're a herbalist you will be able to see the ground spawns on your compass with track herbs.

           As far as farming for the Hibiscus goes I only recommend clearing the first half of the instance before reseting and running the instance again. The first half of the instance includes every mob up to the point of where you will fight the naga. Once you encounter the naga it is time to turn back and reset the instance. Generally every clear will net you somewhere around 20 Sanguine Hibiscus.

Items of Interest

Sanguine Hibiscus

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