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Herbalism Farming In Northrend

           Players have three different options when they want to farm for herbs. They can etheir farm in Stormpeaks, which has the biggest source of herbs and the most herbs in the zone. They can also farm in Wintergrasp, which is very similar to Stormpeaks. While I do prefer Stormpeaks, some people swear by Wintergrasp. To each their own I guess. The final Location is Sholazar. The only reason you'd farm Sholazar over Stormpeaks or Wintergrasp is for a different set of herbs.

Farming Herbs In Wintergrasp

           Farming in Wintergrasp will net you quite a bit of doe an hour, plus you'll be able to get additional honor/wintergrasp marks if you decide to farm through the battle. A good option here is when the battle starts, kill the guards until you rank up, then continue farming. This will get you marks as well as honor while farming.

Farming Herbs In Stormpeaks

           Farming in Stormpeaks is great just because you and 5 other people can farm here, never run into each other and never run out of herbs. Since the zone is so large you will almost always be flying around grabbing herbs without having to ever "search" for them. Stormpeaks is my personal favorite zone for farming herbs.

Farming Herbs In Sholazar Basin

           Sholazar is the third and final place that is good for farming herbs. Here you will get Adder's Tongue, Talandra's Rose and Tiger Lily which you can't find in the other two zones. Sholazar Basin also has many herbs here much like Stormpeaks. I'd recommend farming here if you need any of the above 3 herbs that can't be found in the other zones, otherwise pass this up.





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