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Frostweave Cloth Farming Locations

           Frostweave Cloth was the new cloth that was added in WoTLK. It is used in many different proffessions, quests and more. There are many different locations all around to farm for Frostweave Cloth, one of my favorite ones is my Icecrown "Gold Mine" Cave. This cave will give you quite a bit of Frostweave Cloth, but it is a bit on the harder side to farm. The area I wanted to bring to your attention for Frostweave Cloth is located in Sholazar Basin right near Freya.

Infinite Spawning Frostweave Cloth

           This is one of the best locations for players to farm for straight up Frostweave Cloth. The Undead around Freya have almost an instant respawn time and are very easy for you to kill. You won't have to worry about moving around too much in this area etheir since the mobs don't spawn very far apart at all. Also since they respawn instantly, over crowding isn't much of a problem etheir.

           If someone does happen to arrive, the beach is the best area to farm for the cloth, in this small area. Hold your ground and force them to the otherside of the area, since you where there first. Also as a side note, if one of the Ravagers is getting beat up too much by the flowers, ignore him. If you waste your time attacking him, he won't drop loot since he has taken too much damage from another source.

Frostweave Cloth Farming Video:





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