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Eternal Shadow Farming Locations

           Eternal & Crystallized Shadow are one of many of the new essences that was added in WoTLK. Eternal Shadow, most commonly used in Tradeskills and can be farmed from two different locations on Northrend. The best place to farm for Eternal Shadow is in Wintergrasp in the Forest of Shadows. The only other location for you to farm for Eternal Shadow outside of Wintergrasp is in Dragonblight, right above Scarlet Point. Here you will find Frostmournes Cavern which is littered with Shadow Elementals. Below is a list of these two locations and more details about them.

Eternal Shadow Farming In Wintergrasp

Average Gold Per Hour: 25 (No, really, 25)
Level Recommended: 80
Rating: (For that level) 0/10

           Wintergrasp is the best place for you to farm for Eternal Shadow. If your faction owns Wintergrasp then you will be able to see the Shadow Revenant Mobs. These mobs have a 100% chance to drop a Crystallized Shadow. I'd only recommend farming this location if your faction does indeed own Wintergrasp.

Eternal Shadow Farming In Dragonblight

Average Gold Per Hour: 5
Level Recommended: 73+
Rating: (For that level) 0/10

           The only other place outside of Wintergrasp for you to farm for Eternal Shadow is in Northern Dragonblight. Here you will find Frostmourne Cavern, just north of Scarlet Point. Inside you will find shadow elementals for you to kill with a pretty quick respawn time. The elementals are low level which means the drop rate for the Crystallized Shadow is pretty low. Luckily they do have a fast respawn time and they are very easy to kill.

Only upside is experience if you're below 80





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