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Eternal Life Farming Locations

           Eternal & Crystallized Life are one of many of the new essences that was added in WoTLK. Eternal Life, most commonly used in Tradeskills and can be farmed from two different locations on Northrend. The best place to farm for Eternal Life is in Wintergrasp in the The Steppe of Life. The only other location for you to farm for Eternal Life outside of Wintergrasp is in Zul'drak, right above near The Argent Stand. Here you will find a shallow area of water with quite a few Elementals that drop Crystallized Life.

Eternal Life Farming in Wintergrasp

Average Gold Per Hour: 200
Level Recommended: 80
Rating: (For that level) 10/10

           The Steppe of Life is the best place for you to farm for Eternal Life in WoTLK. Since this is one of two places you are able to Farm for Eternal Life it can get very crowded here. Depending on the time of day and the population of your server will determine how many people are here. If you're the only one here every hour you should be able to get close to a stack of Eternal Life plus a whole bunch of other goodies that sell for a lot. On a Medium Pop server I used to be able to make 700g an hour in this location.

Eternal Life Farming In Zul'Drak

Average Gold Per Hour: 50
Level Recommended: 75
Rating: (For that level) 5/10

           This the second location for farming Crystallized Life. The Mossy Rampagers of Zul'drak have a very low drop rate on the Crystallized Life and have a slow respawn time. What I'm getting at this location sucks, but it is the only location outside of Wintergrasp to farm it. I only recommend this location if there are people in Wintergrasp. Even if your faction doesn't own Wintergrasp it is still better to farm there.





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