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Eternal Air Farming Locations

           With every new WoW expansion they release a whole new set of essences for players to collect which are most commonly used in Tradeskills. Generally these essences are used in making high quality items, which is the main reason they sell for so much on the Auction House. Profiting off of the essences is a complication in itself. Their prices can fluctuate up and down greatly at generally random times. For example, every Tuesday when people are awarded their arena points for the week and all raids reset you will generally see a price hike in the essences.

           Since everyone will be getting new gear on Tuesday night they will be needing new enchants. Which is why you will generally see a huge price hike on specifically this day. The weekends you can expect to see the prices go up as well but not as much as a Tuesday. Also generally after large content patches the prices can either go up or down dramatically depending on what they are changing. For example after patch 3.3 the market for Eternal's crashed because different means than just farming opened up for obtaining them.

As said before, with every WoW expansion a new set of "Essences" is added into the game. To better organize things and to help you out more below is a list of each of the different essences from each of the expansions.

Classic WoW: Essences
Burning Crusade: Primals
Wrath of the Lich King: Eternals

Eternal Air Farming in Storm Peaks

Average Gold Per Hour: 125
Level Recommended: 80
Rating: (For that level) 8/10

           Storm Peaks is probably the best place for you to farm for Eternal Air. Here you will find a huge tunnel system with probably close to 80 air elementals in it. The only downside to this cave is that a lot of the air elementals are up in the air, meaning you'll need some sort of ranged attack to get them down. This will suck for some classes but mainly Rogues since they miss their opening oppurtunity. The drop rates in Storm Peaks are above average and they also drop another valuable item, Relic of Ulduar.

           Relics of Ulduar can be sold on the Auction House or turned into the Sons of Hodir quartermaster for Sons of Hodir reputation. Depending on if you need reputation with them or not should be the deciding factor in what to do with the relics.

Eternal Air Farming In Grizzly Hills

Average Gold Per Hour: 75
Level Recommended: 75+
Rating: (For that level) 8/10

           Grizzly Hills is one of the crappier places for you to farm for Eternal Air. In truth, the only reason it is worth mentioning is because of the fact that lower level players can farm here. You can start farming in this location right around level 75 where as for the other Eternal Air farming locations you will have to wait until at least 80. Of course since the elementals here are lower level they also have a signifigantly less chance to drop Crystallized Air.

           This is an up as well as a down. Since the mobs are low level you'll kill them much faster but get less Crystallized Air. Either way, This farming location only gets my stamp of approval if you're below level 80.

Eternal Air Farming In Wintergrasp

Average Gold Per Hour: 75
Level Recommended: 80
Rating: (For that level) 6/10

           Farming for Crystallized Air in Wintergrasp is almost more annoying than it is profitable. The air elementals are in the southern part of Wintergrasp and are dramatically spread out meaning it will be difficult for almost anyone to farm efficiently here. The only good part about farming in Wintergrasp is when you find a air elemental revenant because then you're guarunteed some Crystallized Air.

Eternal Air Farming In Sholazar Basin

Average Gold Per Hour: 75
Level Recommended: 80
Rating: (For that level) 6/10

           This is a great place to farm for Crystallized Water, Earth and Air in Sholazar Basin. You can find the elementals on the cliff surface over looking the western side of the zone. The thing that makes this area so good is the pure variation of different types of Crystallized Elements you can get here. Also, usually no one is here unless they're doing the FrenzyHeart/Oracles faction dailies. This means you will have a rather pleasant farming experience.

Items of Interest

Gray Elemental Trash Loot (Be sure to pick this up, it vendors for a ton!)

Gray Elemental Trash Loot (Be sure to pick this up, it vendors for a ton!)

Crystallized Air

Relic of Ulduar from Stormpeaks Farming Location





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