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Coilfang Armaments Farming Guide

           Farming for Coilfang Armaments in Steam Vaults is a great way to make a little bit of extra cash. Many players are looking to buy the Armaments for their alts or even mains for Cenarion Expedition reputation. The only creatures inside Steamvaults that drop the Armaments are the Naga, so keep that in mind before you charge into a pack of elementals or a bog lord.

           Another great thing about farming here is all the greens that you will find. The naga very frequently drop a green item, I'd say usually at least 1 in 10 will have a green waiting for you on their bodies. It's not really a downside but more something you should keep in mind. The naga here will drop some useless items for you like fish scales or fish oil. Your best bet is to just destroy these items, they don't vendor for much at all and are only going to take up your inventory space.

Coilfang Armaments Farming Video:

Items of Interest

Fish Oil

Shiny Fish Scales

Jaggal Clam

Coilfang Armaments





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