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Aldur'thar Farming Location - Melee Classes Only

Average Gold Per Hour: 100
Level Recommended: 80
Rating: (For that level) 4/10

           Aldur'thar is one of the farming locations that I found in Icecrown worth noting. Inside of Aldur'thar you will find dozens of Cult Researchers which have almost zero armor, very low HP and respawn very quickly. The only downside of Aldur'that is the mobs here have an AoE knockback which will also drain your mana. This means if you pull more than one and they knock you back repeatedly, you will be completely out of mana and unable to defend yourself. This will most likely result in your un-timely death. This makes this location pretty bad if you're any class that uses mana, which is why it says "Melee Only" at the top of the page. =)

           Of course you can come here as a caster and still farm here, I did on my ret pally to discover the location and even make the video for it. But, if you stop paying attention for even a second and get chain-knock backed + mana drained you're going to feel like grinding your face against a cheese grater. For this very reason I can only really, honestly, recommend this location to Rogues, Warriors, DKs and Feral Druids.

Aldur'thar Frostweave Cloth Farming Video:

Items of Interest

Frostweave Cloth

Greens, Blues and Epics which you can DE or sell regularly

Runic Healing Potion

Runic Mana Potion

Grey Items to Vendor

Unique Arcane Resistance Recipes for Tradeskill Professions





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