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Farming Tin Ore

           Tin Ore is the second tier of ore that you will run into when you are leveling your mining and also is the most common/lowest selling ore ever. For this reason I can't recommend farming tin for any other reason than to raise your skill in one of the professions that use it, even then I would still recommend buying it over farming it. However, I am not here to lecture you on what you should or should not do, after all this is a guide for farming tin! Now, believe it or not but there are actually quite a few different zones that you will be able to get tin from, most of them being fairly straight forward and simple to farm.

           Each of my tin farming guides will include a map, demonstrating the best possible path to use while farming tin in that zone as well as a video showing you a rough estimate of how much tin you will be getting using my path and finally a list of all the loot you will find while farming the tin in that specific zone. As with all my ore farming guides, here is a list of all the ore/gems you will find while mining tin and a rough amount of how much each one will sell for on the Auction House.

Tin Ore (3 - 5g per stack of bars)

Coarse Stone (Vendor Trash)

Silver Ore (Sells for 5g per bar when smelted)

Shadowgem (Vendor Trash)

Lesser Moonstone (Vendor Trash)

Moss Agate (Roughly 1g each)

Jade (2 - 3g each)

           Well, those are all the gems and ore you can expect to find while you farm Tin Ore for whatever reason you want it. Most of the gems are useless and you mine as well just vendor but some can net you a few gold each and if you manage to find any Silver you will wet your pants when you see how much that sells for. Without me wasting any more of your time, here are all of the best locations that I have found and tested which give a good amount of Tin Ore.

Tin Ore Farming in Hillsbrad Foothills






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