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Farming Mithril Ore

           Mithril is saught after almost as much as Thorium when it comes to low level ores/bars. However, unlike Thorium there are actually quite a few different places that you can mine Mithril, my personal favorite being Burning Steppes. Not because it is the best though, just because of the pure nostalgia of running around there farming ore reminds me of Classic WoW where everyone ran around and farmed Thorium. Unlike Iron, the ore just before Mithril, the extra stones that you get when mining are pretty much completely worthless. I have never seen Solid Stone go for over 1g 50s a stack and even then it is a real pain in the rear to try and sell.

           Much like all the other ore Mithril has its fair share of rare gems that you can sell for quite a bit of money and also rarely ever has someone farming it. As with all of my other ore guides, below I have included a list of all the things you can acquire while mining Mithril and what I have found to be their average sell price. Note that the prices may not hold true for every server, if you're on a low population server the prices could be much much higher since the chance of people farming Mithril is lower. Or if for some reason people are already farming Mithril on your server on a daily basis the prices may be significantly lower.

Mithril Ore (30 - 50g a stack once you convert to bars)

Gold Ore (50s each when smelted into bars)

Truesilver Ore (2g per bar)

Solid Stone (Vendors for 20s per stack)

Aquamarine (5 - 8g each)

Citrine (3 - 7g each)

Star Ruby (5 - 8g each)

Black Vitriol (Vendor Trash)

           Now that you know the prices of everything you will get from farming Mithril it is time to get down to business, where to farm it! Now there are actually quite a few different locations to farm Mithril Ore, none of them in particular are better than one another but like I said, I prefer Burning Steppes just for the nostalgia value. The only deciding factor you should use when picking a zone is where you want to be or if someone is farming in your regular zone you can alternate. The only "unique" type of zone that has Mithril in it is Eastern Plaguelands. This zone has both Iron and Mithril, Mithril across the top of the zone and Iron across the bottom. If you want to farm two types of ore simultaneously, this gets my vote. Besides that though, each of the zones are exactly the same.

Mithril Ore Farming Locations

Burning Steppes Mithril Farming

Eastern Plaguelands Mithril Farming

Badlands Mithril Farming

Felwood Mithril Farming

Searing Gorge Mithril Farming





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