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Iron Ore Farming

           Iron is the mid level ore of Classic WoW and is required by multiple professions to level up. Unlike a lot of the other ore there are actually quite a few really good places that you can go to mine Iron, all of them will be listed later. Something you really need to know right away about Iron though is that Heavy Stone is not useless so do not vendor it! The two types of ore before Iron had virtually worthless stone that went with it but Heavy Stone, which you get from every Iron Deposit actually sells for more than the Iron itself.

           Mixed in with Iron you will find a lot of Gold and Silver deposits too, which silver will actually sell for a ton but gold not as much as silver and slightly less than Iron. As far as what you can expect to find when mining Iron, here is a quick list of all the items you will find through mining and the price everything will sell for.

Iron Ore (7 - 11g a stack after being smelted into a bar)

Silver Ore (5 - 7g per bar)

Heavy Stone (7 - 11g per stack)

Gold Ore (50s each)

Citrine (3 - 5g each)

Jade (3 - 7g each)

Lesser Moonstone (50s - 1g 50s each)

Aquamarine (5 - 8g each)

           Believe it or not mining Iron is actually quite profitable. Farming it non stop won't make you a ton of money since it isn't in extremely high demand but once every few days will make you a decent amount of cash. Now that you know about what you can get through Iron you are probably curious where you can farm it. Below are all of the good locations that I have found when it comes to farming Iron Ore, I've tested all of them endlessly so they get my quality certification.

Iron Ore Farming in Feralas

Iron Ore Farming in Western Plaguelands

Iron Ore Farming in The Cape of Stranglethorn
Iron Ore Farming in Eastern Plaguelands

















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