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Darting Hatchling

Average Gold Per Hour: 25 - 75g
Level Recommended: 40+
Rating: 9/10

NOTE: Changed in patch 3.3 the Darting Hatchling no longer drops from the Dart. Instead it will drop from the Dart's Nest which spawns in the same area as Dart does.

           The Darting Hatchling pet was added in patch 3.2, originally dropping from Dart in Dustwallow Marsh. In 3.3 the way the small Raptor Hatchlings worked was changed around a bit. Instead, now they drop from the named's nest and no longer the named mob himself. You can find the nameds nest located in the same area you can find the named. It is still highly debated by players if the named must actually be up or have been up recently for the nest to spawn. Either way it seems as if the nests are on a 6 hour respawn time.

           The most effective way, which is used by many players, is to log off an alt in the area that can patrol it every once in awhile. Preferably a high enough level alt that wont agro all the raptors as he or she looks around for the nest. I don't really recommend sitting around in this area and farming for the pet raptor (unless you like really really want it). If you do decide to farm in this area, it actually isn't that bad of money. Here you will get a ton of leather if you're a Skinner from all the raptors around you. Also the raptors drop quite a few grey items which you will be able to vendor for a pretty penny.

           Herbalists and Miners will be able to make some extra cash here too. In this area there are many low level herbs and mines for players to gather from. If you're a lower level player then the XP you get from the raptors wont be too bad either. But, one thing I should make note too. I don't really recommend actually sitting down and farming here unless you're a skinner. You will lose way too much money just letting the raptor's bodies rot on the ground where instead you could be skinning them.

           If you do decide to come and farm here specifically for the Darting Hatchling then I recommend doing it during the wee-early hours of the morning. Somewhere from 1 to 5am will give you the best chance of seeing his nest up and no one else around to steal it from you. Also, keep in mind it doesn't HAVE to be 1 to 5 your time, server time will probably work best. That way if you're playing on an east coast server from California you will have the upper hand in grabbing one of the rare raptor pets late at night. Since it will be obviously 3 hours earlier for you than anyone on the east coast.

Items of Interest

Darting HatchlingDarting Hatchling

Heavy Leather

Medium Leather

Thick Leather

Grey Items to Vendor

Greens to Disenchant





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