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Western & Eastern Plaguelands - Crusader Enchant

Average Gold Per Hour: 50+
Level Recommended: 60
Rating: (For that level) 7/10

           The Crusader Enchant was one of the most popular farming locations back at level 60. This enchant was the best enchant you could put on a weapon for a melee class way back in the day. Up in northern Western Plaguelands you will find Sarlet Spellbinders. There isn't a large pack of them that spawn, actually there are only maybe ten up at all times. The best place for you to find the Scarlet Spellbinders are in the large tower to the right of the road further north. You can see it on the map above this paragraph, it is the most furthern north point with three yellow dots around it.

           Believe it or not even years later the Crusader enchant still has its uses. With the introduction of WoTLK and Artifact Weapons players have started to want Crusader again to enchant their weapons with a very powerful enchant. Aside from the Crusader enchant you can also expect to find some other goodies like greens, blues, epics, runecloth, potions and more! - Bad paragraph segway - There is also another location for players to farm for the Crusader Enchant and that is in Tyr's Hand of Eastern Plaguelands.

Crusader Enchant Farming Location:

           In Tyr's Hand you will want to be killing the Scarlet Archmages for your shot at the Crusader Enchant. The drop rate in Tyr's Hand is ever so slightly higher than the drop rate in Western Plaguelands for the Crusader Enchant. The only down side to farming in Tyr's Hand is that the Scarlet Archmages you will be killing are level 55 - 57 elites. What this means is you probably won't be able to be as efficient in your farming here as you would in Western Plaguelands at level 60. In order for Tyr's Hand to really stand out for farming and better drop rates you will need to be at least level 63 or more.

           Of course since you're killing elites the drop rate for Runecloth, Greens and Silver will be much higher. More good news is for elites they are quite squishy and will go down pretty fast. (Insert sexual comment/innuendo) Also, good news is if you're a Rogue here will be almost a gold mine for you if you pick-pocket all of the mobs before you kill them. The lock boxes you get from pick-pocketing these mobs will sell to players looking to raise their faction with the Shen'dralar for the Insane in the Membrane Achievement. The hardest part about selling the lock boxes is finding someone that is interesting in buying them and in mass amounts.

Crusader Enchant Farming Video:

Items of Interest:


Grey Items to Vendor

Major Healing Potion

Major Mana Potion

Crusader Enchant

Lockboxes (Rogue Only)





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