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Almar's WoW Farming Guides

           This section includes all of the great Farming Locations that I have managed to find throughout the WoW World. These locations could include daily quests, farming locations, and the path I use to make well over 1k a day. I've also included my Universal Money Making Guide. This guide includes all the tips and strategies you need to control the Auction House and make a fortune. Usually you have to pay for a guide like that. Well, not anymore! Below are some tips that you should keep in mind when you want to make and conserve your money.

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Classic/Vanilla Farming Locations

Burning Crusade Farming Locations

Wrath of the Lich King Farming Locations

Cataclysm Farming Locations

Mists of Pandaria Farming Locations

***Almar's 10k An Hour Guide***

           Due to it's popular demand and nature I am putting this guide up top, away from the rest. This guide can loosely fit into any one of these level brackets since, really, anyone can use the information provided to make a lot of gold. However, in order to actually make the 10k an hour you will need at least a single level 85. Until I completely reformat this page, this one will be at the top in the manner that it is now.

Almar's 10k An Hour Guide

Farming Locations for 80 - 85

Farming Volatile Fire in Twilight Highlands

Farming Volatile Fire at Humboldts Conflagaration in Twilight Highlands

Farming Volatile Water in Twilight Highlands

Farming Volatile Earth in Twilight Highlands

Farming Volatile Air in Twilight Highlands

Farming Volatile Air in Uldum

Farming Embersilk Cloth in Elementium Depths (Twilight Highlands)

Farming Embersilk Cloth at Glopgut's Hollow (Twilight Highlands)

Farming Embersilk Cloth at Verlok's Stand (Deepholm)

Farming Embersilk Cloth at Silithering Cove (Twilight Highlands)

Farming Blackened Dragonscales in Twilight Highlands

Farming Savage Leather in Twilight Highlands

Mists of Pandaria Farming Locations 85 - 90







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