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Twin Peaks Achievement Guide

Twin PeakingTwin Peaking: Win 2 Twin Peaks battles.

Two-TimerTwo-Timer: Personally carry and capture the flag 2 times in Twim Peaks

Top DefenderTop Defender: Return 50 flags as a defender in Twin Peaks.

Soaring SpiritsSoaring Spirits: Kill 100 flag carries in Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks PerfectionTwin Peaks Perfection: Win Twim Peaks with a score of 3 to 0 without dying while also getting at least 1 killing blow.

Peak SpeedPeak Speed: Win Twin Peaks in under 7 minutes.

Cloud NineCloud Nine: In a single Twin Peaks battle, capture and return a total of 9 flags.

Wild HammeringWild Hammering: Kill 5 Dwarves in a single Twin Peaks battle. (Horde only)

Drag a MawDrag a Maw: Kill 5 Orcs in a single Twin Peaks battle. (Alliance only)

I'm In The Black(White for Alliance) LodgeI'm In The Black(White for Alliance) Lodge: In a single Twin Peaks battle, kill 2 flag carriers before they leave the Dragonmaw Flag Room or Wildhammer Stronghold.

Fire, Walk With MeFire, Walk With Me: Grab the flag and capture it in under 75 seconds.

Twin Peaks MountaineerTwin Peaks Mountaineer: Perform a roar emote with the flag while under the effect of both a speed power up and the berserking power up.

Double JeopardyDouble Jeopardy: Win a Twin Peaks battle after being behind by a score of 0 to 2.

Master of Twin PeaksMaster of Twin Peaks: Complete all of the achievements for Twin Peaks.



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