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Tol Barad Achievement Guide

Tol Barad VictoryTol Barad Victory: Win the battle for Tol Barad.

For Whom the Barad TolsFor Whom the Barad Tols: Attack Tol Barad and succeed in 10 minutes or less.

Tower PlowerTower Plower: Destroy a tower in Tol Barad.

Towers of PowerTowers of Power: Destroy 3 deployed Siege Engines in a single Tol Barad battle.

Tol Barad SaboteurTol Barad Saboteur: Destroy 20 deployed Siege Engines.

Tol Barad All-StarTol Barad All-Star: Get 10 honorable kills at the Ironclad Garrison, Warden's Vigil and Slagworks.

Pit Lord ArgalothPit Lord Argaloth: Defeat the Pit Lord Argaloth.

Master of Tol BaradMaster of Tol Barad: Complete all of the Tol Barad achievements.

















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