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Pest Control Achievement Guide

To All the Squirrels I've Loved BeforeTo All the Squirrels I've Loved Before: This Achievement requires you to run around to a bunch of different places all over the world and /love the animals. Below is a list of the critters that you need to /love. Click on the critters name for the easiest possible location to find them.

Squirrel (Click for Best Directions)
Borean Frog - Borean Tundra, Around steam jets east of Taunka Village
Chicken - Arathi Basin, When Alliance control the farm or Shattrath City (In lower city 58,69)
Crab - Moaki Harbor in Dragonblight, Ryan Seacrest's Pants
Ewe - 57, 22 in Shattrath City
Frog - all over Zangarmarsh
Hare - Unique to Durotar, and all over.
Rabbit (Click for Best Directions)
Sheep - Howling Fjord Scalawag Point
Swine - Swine pen near Orgrimmar
Prairie Dog (Click for best Directions)
Steam Frog - Geysers in Borean Tundra
Cat - Silvermoon City and Elwynn Forest
Cow - Hillsbrad for Horde, Elwynn For Alliance
Deer (Click for best directions)
Fawn - Elwynn Forest
Gazelle - The Barrens
Parrot - Un'goro Crater
Ram - Loch Modan or Dun Morogh
Skunk - Terokkar Forest
Toad - Darnassus for Alliance Nagrand for Horde (North of Garadar)

To All the Squirrels Who Shared My LifeTo All the Squirrels Who Shared My Life: This achievement requires a lot less critters then the previous one, but still requires you to run around and /love a bunch of critters. These ones are indigenous to certain zones.

Eastern Kingdoms

Huge Toad - Swamp of Sorrows
Lava Crab - Searing Gorge


Arctic Hair - Dragonblight, Borean Tundra, Zul'Drak

Tundra Penguin - Borean Tundra (On Glacier by Murlocs)
Borean Marmot - Borean Tundra

Sholazar Tickbird - Sholazar Basin

Glacier Penguin - Icecrown

Grizzly Squirrel - Grizzly Hills
Mountain Skunk - Grizzly Hills

Scalawag Frog - Howling Fjord (Scalawag Point)
Fjord Penguin - Howling Fjord
Fjord Turkey - Howling Fjord

Pest ControlPest Control: Requires you to kill creatures all around Azeroth. Below I've compiled a list of all of the critters you need to kill.

Adder (Click here for best directions)
Crystal Spider - The Nexus and The Oculus
Fire Beetle - Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes
Gold Beetle - Halls of Lightning and Halls of Stone
Maggot - Naxxramas or Ghostlands
Mouse - Westfall
Roach - Western Plaguelands
Snake - The Dead Mire of Zangarmarsh
Underbelly Rat - Dalaran Sewers
Squirrel (Click here for directions)
Devouring Maggot - Howling Fjord
Fjord Rat - Guess?
Larva - Naxxramas or Ghostlands
Moccasin - Swamp of Sorrows
Scorpion - Hellfire
Spider - Ghostlands
Zul'Drak Rat - Orgrimmar, Nah just kidding.





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