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Love Is In The Air Achievement Guide

HeartmenderHeartmender: Mend 20 broken hearts with Unbestowed Friendship Bracelets. You get the rings that you need to use on players in almost any Pledge or Gift.

Shafted!Shafted!: Shoot 10 players with the Silver Shafted Arrow. You can get the arrows from completing the quests "Gift Giving", Once you have the arrow find and target another player with no current pet and use it.

Flirt With DisasterFlirt With Disaster: Get completely smashed, put on your best perfume, throw a handful of rose petals on Jeremiah Payson and then kiss him. You'll regret it in the morning. Alliance will need to kiss Sraaz.

Jeremiah Payson is the cockroach vendor who is in the center of Undercity. He sits under the bank. Sraaz is a gnome that walks around Ironforge selling pies. Also keep in mind you must use perfume for this achievement, Cologne does not work.

Lonely?Lonely?: Enjoy a Buttermilk Delight with someone in Dalaran at a Romatic Picnic during Love is in the Air celebration. Join someone at a picnic in Dalaran or host your own using the Romantic Picnic Basket.

Lovely Luck Is On Your SideLovely Luck Is On Your Side: Open a Gift of Adoration and receive a Lovely Black Dress. Comes from a Pledge of Adoration or Gift of Adoration. Random chance to get it. Also, the Dress is trade able, but must be LOOTED in order to get the achievement.

Nearest and DearestNearest and Dearest: Complete the Love is in the Air storyline quest beginning with the Dangerous Love quest.

The Rocket's Pink GlareThe Rocket's Pink Glare: Shoot off 10 Love Rockets in 20 seconds or less. Put the rockets on your action bar and spam the button. Fairly simple.

Nation of AdorationNation of Adoration: Obtain a Gift of Adoration from each of the cities listed below.

Thunder Bluff


Fistful of LoveFistful of Love: Use a Handful of Rose Petals on each of the race/class combinations listed below.

- Gnome Warlock
- Human Death Knight
- Orc Shaman
- Undead Warrior
- Blood Elf Mage
- Dwarf Hunter
- Orc Death Knight
- Night Elf Priest
- Tauren Druid
- Troll Rogue
- Draenei Paladin

Perma-PeddlePerma-Peddle: Obtain a permanent Peddlefeet pet by procuring a Truesilver Shafted Arrow. Obtain the permanent Truesilver Shafted Arrow. The pet can be contained in any Gift of Adoration or Pledge of Adoration.

Sweet ToothSweet Tooth: Sample the Love is in the Air candies listed below. You will get a box of Chocolates from every Pledge of Adoration and Gift of Adoration.

- Buttermilk Delight
- Sweet Surprise
- Dark Desire
- Very Berry Cream

Be Mine!Be Mine!: Use the Bag of Candies to create each of the hearts listed below. You can get the Bag of Candies out of any Pledge of Adoration or Gift of Adoration.

- All yours
- Hot Lips
- I'll follow you all around Azeroth
- You're Mine!
- Be Mine!
- I'm all yours!
- You're the best!

My Love is Like a Red, Red RoseMy Love is Like a Red, Red Rose: Obtain a Bouquet of Red or Ebon Roses during the Love is in the Air celebration. Drops from bosses in instances. Any "High Level" instance, from any expansion counts. Examples are Scholomance, Stratholme, Shadow Labs, Mechanar, Utgarde Pinnacle, The Oculus.

I Pitied The FoolI Pitied The Fool: Pit the Love Fool in the locations specified below. You will need to get the Love Fool from any Gift or Pledge of Adoration and /pity it in the locations below.

- Wintergrasp
- Battle Ring of Gurubashi Arena
- Arathi Basin Blacksmith
- The Culling of Stratholme
- Naxxramas





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