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Hallow's End Achievement Guide

Trick or TreatTrick or Treat: Receive a handful of candy from one of the Candy Buckets located in an Inn. Open a Candy Bucket in almost any Inn around the world. It will have a chance to contain a Handful of Candy.

Out With ItOut With It: Eat so many Tricky Treats that you get an upset tummy. You get Tricky Treats by killing the Headless Horseman in SM Graveyard.

Bring Me The Head of... Oh WaitBring Me The Head of... Oh Wait: Kill the Headless Horseman. He can be summoned in the SM Graveyard during the Hallow's End event.

Headless Horseman Strategy & Mount Information

The Savior of Hallow's EndThe Savior of Hallow's End: Complete one of the quests to save a village from the Headless Horseman. Complete one of the quests that the Orphan Matron gives in the level 5 towns.

List of quests from the Orphan Matron

The Mask TaskThe Mask Task: Obtain a Flimsy Mask during Hallow's End. You can get a Flimsy mask when you "Trick or Treat" an Innkeeper.

A Mask for All OccasionsA Mask for All Occasions: Collect the 20 unique Flimsy Masks. Requires you to collect each and every race/sex combo. Chances are you won't get it all done within 1 year's Hollow's End unless you get very lucky.

That Sparkling SmileThat Sparkling Smile: Show off your sparkling smile by using a Tooth Pick. When you trick or treat an Innkeeper sometimes you will be given a Toothpick. Once you get one, use it.

Rotten HallowRotten Hallow: Ruin Hallow's End for the Alliance by completing Darkcaller Yanka's quests which involve going to Southshore, ruining the kegs with rotten eggs and tossing Stinkbombs into the town.

Rotten Hallow Achievement Quests

Rotten HallowRotten Hallow: Ruin Hallow's End for the Horde by completing Sergeant Hartman's quests which involve crashing the wickerman festival and cleaning up the stinkbombs from Southshore.

Rotten Hallow Achievement Quests

G.N.E.R.D. RageG.N.E.R.D. Rage: Earn 50 honorable kills while under the influence of the G.N.E.R.D. buff. It's a slap in the face!

Check You Head!Check You Head!: Use Weighted Jack-o' -Lanterns to put pumpkin heads on each of the races listed below. Put a pumpkin head on every race.

The MasqueradeThe Masquerade: Get transformed by the Hallowed Wands listed below. You must be transformed by the exact wand, a random wand transformation does not count!

- Transformed by Hallowed Wand - Bat
- Gain an aura Bat Costume
- Transformed by Hallowed Wand - Ninja
- Transformed by Hallowed Wand - Skeleton
- Transformed by Hallowed Wand - Ghost
- Transformed by Hallowed Wand - Leper Gnome
- Transformed by Hallowed Wand - Pirate
- Transformed by Hallowed Wand - Wisp

Sinister CallingSinister Calling: Obtain a Sinister Squashling pet and Hallowed Helm. Sinister Squashling's and the Hallowed Helm can drop off the Headless Horseman as well be a very rare Trick or Treat from an Innkeeper.

Tricks and Treats of KalimdorTricks and Treats of Kalimdor: Visit the Candy Buckets in Kalimdor. Each of the buckets is located in an Inn in that zone. They are generally all located near flight paths aside from the level 5 towns.

Tricks and Treats of Eastern KingdomsTricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms: Visit the Candy Buckets in Eastern Kingdoms. Each of the buckets is located in an Inn in that zone. They are generally all located near flight paths aside from the level 5 towns.

Tricks and Treats of OutlandTricks and Treats of Outland: Visit the Candy Buckets of the Outlands. Each of the buckets is in the Inn in the zone.

Tricks and Treats of AzerothTricks and Treats of Azeroth: Complete the Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Outlands Tricks and Treats Achievements.





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