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Eastern Kingdoms Exploration Achievement Guide

Explore Stranglethorn ValeExplore Stranglethorn Vale: Explore Stranglethorn Vale.

Explore WestfallExplore Westfall: Explore all of Westfall.

Explore DuskwoodExplore Duskwood: Explore all of Duskwood.

Explore Elwynn ForestExplore Elwynn Forest: Explore all of Elwynn Forest.

Explore Blasted LandsExplore Blasted Lands: Explore all of Blasted Lands.

Explore Swamp of SorrowsExplore Swamp of Sorrows: Explore all of Swamp of Sorrows.

Explore Arathi HighlandsExplore Arathi Highlands: Explore all of Arathi Highlands.

Explore The HinterlandsExplore The Hinterlands: Explore all of The Hinterlands.

Explore Eastern PlaguelandsExplore Eastern Plaguelands: Explore all of Eastern Plaguelands.

Explore Isle of Quel'danasExplore Isle of Quel'danas: Explore the Isle of Quel'danas.

Explore Western PlaguelandsExplore Western Plaguelands: Explore all of Western Plaguelands.

Explore Deadwind PassExplore Deadwind Pass: Explore all of Deadwind Pass.

Explore Burning SteppesExplore Burning Steppes: Explore all of the Burning Steppes.

Explore Searing GorgeExplore Searing Gorge: Explore all of Searing Gorge.

Explore Alterac MountainsExplore Alterac Mountains: Explore all of Alterac Mountains.

Explore BadlandsExplore Badlands: Explore all of Badlands.

Explore Hillsbrad FoothillsExplore Hillsbrad Foothills: Explore all of Hillsbrad Foothills.

Explore Redridge MountainsExplore Redridge Mountains: Explore all of Redridge Mountains.

Explore GhostlandsExplore Ghostlands: Explore all of Ghostlands.

Explore Silverpine ForestExplore Silverpine Forest: Explore all of Silverpine Forest.

Explore WetlandsExplore Wetlands: Explore all of Wetlands.

Explore Loch ModanExplore Loch Modan: Explore all of Loch Modan.

Explore Eversong WoodsExplore Eversong Woods: Explore all of Eversong Woods.

Explore Tirisfal GladesExplore Tirisfal Glades: Explore all of Tirisfal Glades.

Explore Dun MoroghExplore Dun Morogh: Explore all of Dun Morogh.



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