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Cooking Achievement Guide

100 Cooking Awards100 Cooking Awards: Obtain a Cooking Award. You can get these by doing the Cooking Dailies located in Dalaran, Orgrimmar or Stormwind. There are also achievements for getting 1 Cooking Award, 10 Cooking Awards, 25 Cooking Awards, 50 Cooking Awards and 100 Cooking Awards.

Chef De CuisineChef De Cuisine: Learn 160 Cooking recipes. This sounds a lot more difficult then it really is. By raising your cooking to 450 you will be collecting a ton of these recipes. If you need any more ideas head to this link.

Grand Master CookGrand Master Cook: Become a Grand Master Cook. Requires you to be at least 350 skill before you can buy Grand Master Cooking from the Northrend trainer.

Illustrious Grand Master CookIllustrious Grand Master Cook: Become an Illustrious Grand Master Cook. Requires you to be at least 450 in cooking before training Illustrious Grand Master Cooking from a Cataclysm trainer.

The Cake Is Not A LieThe Cake Is Not A Lie: Bake a Delicious Chocolate Cake. The recipe to bake this cake is awarded by the Rokk's cooking dailies in Shattrath City and the Dalaran Cooking Dailies.

Rokk's Cooking Dailies Guide

Dalaran Cooking Dailies Guide

Kickin' It Up a NotchKickin' It Up a Notch: Complete each of The Rokk's 4 cooking daily quests.

Rokk's Cooking Dailies Guide

The Outland GourmetThe Outland Gourmet: Cook each of the Outland cooking recipes. Below I've given you a list of each recipe required and where to get it.

Delicious Chocolate Cake - Shattrath - Quest Reward: Cooking Daily
Stormchops - Shattrath - Quest Reward: Cooking Daily
Broiled Bloodfin - Shattrath - Quest Reward: Cooking Daily
Kibler's Bits - Shattrath - Quest Reward: Cooking Daily
Skullfish Soup - Shattrath - Quest Reward: Cooking Daily
Spicy Hot Talbuk - Shattrath - Quest Reward: Cooking Daily

Fisherman's Feast - Shattrath - Trainer Kylene (World's End Tavern)
Stewed Trout - Shattrath - Trainer Kylene (World's End Tavern)
Hot Buttered Trout - Shattrath - Trainer Kylene (World's End Tavern)

Buzzard Bites - Hellfire - Legassi (Smooth As Butter)
Ravager Dog - Hellfire - Vendor Sold

Feltail Delight - Zangarmarsh - Vendor Sold
Blackened Trout - Zangarmarsh - Vendor Sold
Sporeling Snack - Zangarmarsh - Vendor Sold
Clam Bar - Zangarmarsh - Vendor Sold
Blackened Sporefish - Vendor Sold

Grilled Mudfish - Nagrand - Vendor Sold
Talbuk Steak - Nagrand - Vendor Sold
Poached Bluefish - Nagrand - Vendor Sold
Roasted Clefthoof - Nagrand - Vendor Sold

Crunchy Serpent - Blade's Edge Mountains - Vendor Sold or Quest
Mok'Nathal Shortribs - Blade's Edge Mountains - Vendor Sold or Quest

Blackened Basilisk - Terokkar - Vendor Sold
Warp Burger - Terokkar - Vendor Sold
Golden Fishsticks - Terokkar - Vendor Sold
Spicy Crawdad - Terokkar - Vendor Sold

The Northrend GourmetThe Northrend Gourmet: Cook 45 of the Northrend recipes listed below. This achievement is a real pain in the ass and a very time consuming achievement. Each one of these recipes can be trained at a cooking trainer or bought with Dalaran Cooking Awards in Dalaran.

Second That EmotionSecond That Emotion: Cook each food that will change your emotion. These recipes are random drops around Northrend and are BoP. The items you will need to cook and eat are:

Bad Clams
Last Weeks Mammoth
Tasty Cupcake
Haunted Herring

Critter GritterCritter Gritter: Using Critter Bites coarse 3 Critters to be your pet within 3 minutes or less. The best place to do this is in Borean Tundra on the Iceberg by the Murloc town.

Dinner ImpossibleDinner Impossible: Present a Great Feast in each of the battlegrounds. You will need to put down a Great Feast in each battleground. Very easy achievement, just drop it while you wait for the BG to start.

Cooking with StyleCooking with Style: Obtain a Chef's Hat. Requires you to collect 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards and buy the Chef's Hat from your cooking NPC in Dalaran.

Captain Rumsey's LoggerCaptain Rumsey's Logger: Requires you to brew up some Captain Rumsey's Logger. You can get the recipe for this logger from the Daily Fishing quest in Terokkar Forest. Click here for more information on the quest and this recipe.

Our Daily BreadOur Daily Bread: Complete each of the cooking daily quests in Dalaran. Complete all of the cooking daily quests that give you a "Dalaran Cooking Award" There are 5 different ones. For more information on each Cooking Daily click here.

Hail to the ChefHail to the Chef: Complete each and every cooking achievement. Rewards the Chef title.

The Cataclysmic GourmetThe Cataclysmic Gourmet: Cook at least 30 different recipes of the Cataclysm cooking recipes.

Let's Do Lunch (Horde)Let's Do Lunch (Horde): Complete each of the Orgrimmar cooking daily quests.

Let's Do Lunch (Alliance)Let's Do Lunch (Alliance): Complete each of the Stormwind cooking daily quests.





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