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Cataclysm Exploration Achievement Guide

Surveying the DamageSurveying the Damage: Explore all areas of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor wrought by the Cataclysm.

Explore Vash'jirExplore Vash'jir: Explore all of Vash'jir.

Explore HyjalExplore Hyjal: Explore all of Hyjal.

Explore DeepholmExplore Deepholm: Explore all of Deepholm.

Explore UldumExplore Uldum: Explore all of Uldum.

Explore Twilight HighlandsExplore Twilight Highlands: Explore all of Twilight Highlands.

Explore Tol BaradExplore Tol Barad: Explore all of Tol Barad

From Hell's Heart I Stab at TheeFrom Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee: Defeat the Whale Shark in Vash'jir (despite or perhaps because of the fact that he drops no loot).

Stood in the FireStood in the Fire: Get killed by Deathwing. Deathwing cycles between all zones on Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, spraying down fire on each one, one at a time. If you're in an active guild it's good to have people spread out constantly checking the zones. You can tell when Deathwing arrives because your screen will get a dark red hue to it and also everything around you will ignite into flames. All you need to do is run into the fire and die to get credit for this Achievement.



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